Chapter 5 Lion's Den

It's been a month since she's secretly married to CEO Lucien Wright. She gave up her small apartment and brought only her traveling bag. 

Investing in things was not on her list. She doesn't want to worry about leaving something behind if she chooses to go home. Her bag was enough to fit her clothes, which is not that many. 

She doesn't fancy having a lot of clothes but after her marriage to Lucien Wright, she tried to dress appropriately as not to destroy his image, though their marriage was just a secret. 

"Wow, you look great again, Lexie" one of her co-workers greeted upon entering the office. She is working in an advertising company and sometimes she got the chance to model in a few of their projects.

"Thanks" she playfully replied, smiling sweetly at Trina, her friend, and sometimes agent.

"We got a new account and it's a big one" Trina raves as she faces her.

"Really? Wow, that's great news" her eyes sparkle in excitement. A big ac
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goodnovel comment avatar
Where did Zia come from?
goodnovel comment avatar
Becky Schuebel
lot of sex good so far
goodnovel comment avatar
Susan Quek
Please make the novel short and sweet. Let Lucien fall in love her.

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