Chapter 8 Returned

It's been a week since Lucien hasn't come home, but she was sure he is in the country. 

Though she wasn't the kind to meddle with his affairs, it's puzzling how he could survive without her for several nights now. Unless something happened to him, which is impossible since she had seen him in the news earlier. 

More than six months married to the CEO and she is already not used to being away from him for a long time. 

With a confused mind, she followed Trina enter the restaurant. The woman brought her to celebrate her promotion as assistant manager. 

Engrossed with her thoughts she didn't notice Trina stopped midway, facing a group of people around the table.

"CEO Wright good evening" Trina's words made her snap from her stupor. She turns in the direction of Trina's eyes and there she met the piercing eyes of the man bothering her mind. 

"Good...evening... Mr. Wright..." she stutters but catches herself on time. A polite smile g
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Rhoda Bhodho
It hurts she really loved him
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Loraine Quamina
This story so far is great
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Raymund Rodano
i feel you lex.. ... ... ...

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