Chapter 14 Her Past

With Dom as her handsome escort, they entered the venue packed with guests and artists.

Wearing a black backless gown, with a long slit that starts from the middle of her slender and flawless thigh, men's intense gazes followed her.

If she was gorgeous four years ago, she is more stunning and voluptuous now. She aged perfectly despite living in a simple village where farming is the basic livelihood of the people.

Walking around the display of all the masterpieces of different talented artists, her eyes searched for a particular creation. The painting of herself.

She was curious about people's reaction or maybe their perceptions of Bared Soul. For several years, it was just displayed inside her room, with only she could see it. Tonight it was displayed for an audience to feast.

The painting does not reveal anything of her sensitive parts. Her pose strategically covered them as part of the concept. But instead of giving her privacy, it created chaos in the imagination of those who wo
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