Chapter 16 Just For Charity

Startled by the spectacle, everyone was dumbfounded while staring at the serious-looking CEO. Even Gabriel Simon looks surprised by the last-minute bid.

" That caught us quite in surprise. Ten million dollars from CEO Lucien Wright" Samuel awkwardly announced.

Dom contained his grimace at the digging nails on his skin as Lexie was unaware of her tight hold. She looks like ready to faint and to ease her anxiousness, he pried her hand from his arm and intertwined their fingers.

"Hey..." he leans closer to her ears.

"You will be fine...inhale...exhale, Lex" he whispers, which Lexie follows. It may be normal bidding to everyone but for Lexie, it means everything. What does the CEO plan to do with such an abrupt decision? 

At the CEO's table, all eyes turn to Lucien. His parents were looking at him with unremarkable expressions while Ellen was glaring at him, which he openly ignored. His eyes were fixed afar. 

"What's this drama, brother?
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Neiman Marcus Maximus
means they're not married yet? intriguing!
goodnovel comment avatar
Rhoda Bhodho
CEO Wright is so cold
goodnovel comment avatar
Julierub Makiling Japson
That attitude is good, Ellen is no match for her

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