Chapter 21 His Heart

Returning to the hotel, her mind was still filled with the conversation she had with Ellen Johnson. She can't believe the revelations from the woman and it confuses her more. Even Dom heard everything after he guarded the door and send people away who wanted to enter.

It can't be true what Ellen Johnson told her. Lucien Wright was a very virile man when they were together. It can't be possible he has erectile dysfunction like Ellen claims him to be. 

"Don't mind what that deranged woman said. She has motives for doing it" she was interrupted by Dom's voice and by then she realized they were in front of her room.

"I still can't believe she could be deceptive just to get what she wants. She was bent to ruin someone for her ambition" she whispers in disbelief.

"There are a lot of people like her, Lexie. Controlled by greed and ambition. Go inside, it's almost dawn. We need to rest" Dom softly explains while pressing a kiss on her forehead.

"Don't think too
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