Chapter 90 Out In Public

The day after the successful fashion show, the Wright family went out in public. With Lucien carrying the four-month-old Alek and Lexie holding Lucy they leisurely walk around the Eiffel Tower.

"Whoah... It's magnificent, Papa!" Lucy excitedly raves as he looks upward to the towering structure afar.

"Yes, it is, buddy. And we will be going there" Lucien replies with a wide smile. His son's happiness is swelling his chest with inexplicable contentment.

"I'm excited, mama" Lucy turns to his mother who smiles at her.

They could arrange for a discreet entrance to the Eiffel tower but the couple has decided to make Lucy's first experience to be as normal as it could be. They wanted him to mingle with other tourists while he admires the scenery around.

The couple's public appearance created an uproar among media companies as they camp near the whole entourage.

Though Lucien has brought his children in public, security personnel were doubled to ensure their safety. Ben and his elite tea
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goodnovel comment avatar
Marcy Grice Bowman
I don’t like the idea of a child being brought in to their sex copaid.
goodnovel comment avatar
Susan Quek
Slight error .. smiles at him.. not her
goodnovel comment avatar
Susan Quek
Will Sam and Gabriel get together? Will Ervin finds his true love or you are writing a sequel about Ervin ?

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