Chapter 93 Family Date (END)

Determining the gender of their fourth baby is an intimate event for Lexie and Lucien. Like her two previous pregnancies, they never did a gender reveal party. They both prefer it to be just between the family.

"Mama, I'm excited to know our baby" Xander whispers in his mother's ear while seated near her head.

Lexie is already lying to undergo an ultrasound.

"Yes, baby love. We will meet our new baby later" Lexie whispers and peck a kiss on her youngest's forehead.

"I'm still a baby?" Xander softly asks. Insecurity reflects on his face.

"Of course, my love. Lucy, Alek, and Xander will always be Mama and papa's babies. We will just have another baby love but we love you all equally" Lexie was surprised. Never did Xander show insecurity or jealousy towards their new baby since they announce her pregnancy.

"Xander, buddy. Nothing will change despite having our new baby. We love the four of you so much, you three and the baby inside mama's tummy" Lucien leans toward his son to assure
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Alek's story is out and almost finished. Vasili, Not A Mafia Boss.
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Vivienne Musse
And Samantha and Gabriel?? Is there something there? It really would be great is a storyline is there coming. I think Sam is just great!!
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Vivienne Musse
A grandson is before a cousin. Unless he refuses, then a cousin may take his place. But Lucian, then his sons is in line before any cousins. Alex will be fierce. Please tell me there is a book continuation here???

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