Epilogue 2

It's Alek's fifteenth birthday and the family celebrated it with the entire family. The Wright-Deutche-Petrov gathered in Soul Island.

"Happy birthday, Alek!" everyone greeted after their birthday song.

"Thank you, thank you" Alek playfully bows to everyone before he faces the cake with the lighted candle. He closes his eyes for a moment before he opens them to blow out the candle.

"Yey! Alek is fifteen" Lissie claps her hands together with the entire family.

With the festive atmosphere surrounding the gazebo, one by one, the family hugs and kisses the birthday boy.

After all the younger ones greeted him, Alek went to the sides of the oldies. Their grandparents.

Seated in one corner were Daniel and Levinia Wright, Donovan and Diane, Sully and Andrea, Timmy and his wife, and Donny, the present Godfather of Petrov Mafia, with his wife, Samara.

Four years after Levinia's reconciliation with her father and the entire Petrov family, Carlos Petrov peacefully left in his sleep. Carlisle
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Lyn Mck
Wow Is one of my favourite book I love it• Excellent book well done author. **********
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I absolutely loved this book. A true gem
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Georgia Jones
Great book, true love, family and money love it!
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