Chapter Nine - Delaney

So much had happened that it was hard for her to believe. She’d woken up the next morning with Patch’s scent on her brain, an overload of skin on skin action and the image of his naked mom. 

Not to mention the fire. Someone call Smoky Bear because Delaney is on a roll. What’s next? The forest, you say? 

Delaney sat at the dining room table, eating one of the donuts she’d gone out of her way to get that morning, and stared at the front page of their little paper. 

“What a show I am,” she whispered to herself between another bite. 

A door behind her closed and she turned to see Patch coming out of the house with his work clothes on. He had a James Dean, Soda Pop kind of look and it fit him well. 

There was that hard edge about him but something about that slow talk and gentle heart that made her want to know more. 

He’d been clear, but oh how his face betrayed

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