Chapter Forty-Seven-Delaney

"I'll give Beth one thing. She picks the best snacks," Delaney said, tossing a bag of chocolate covered raisins and white chocolate popcorn at Joey on the couch.

"Hmm. Yum," Joey said, opening the Zip-Lock bag.

Delaney opened the cabinet where the wine normally was, and noticed it was empty. "No wine. Boo," she said, making her way toward the couch. "All of my lame teenage rom-coms are in my bedroom. Want to see how awesome I was in high school?"

Joey laughed, and walked with her up the stairs. They passed Patch's room, and Joey jabbed her thumb across the hallway. "Guest room?"

Delaney opened her room. "Sort of. Patch would stay there when he spent the night."

"He didn't stay with Lucas?"

Delaney sat down in front of her DVD case. "Well, he would stay over when his mother was strung out for weeks at a time. It was kind of his permanent room here."

Joey plopped down beside her. "No wonder you have a thing for him," she said, shoving her shoulder into his. "Did you spy on him?"
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dulce rodriguez
dang this is seriously getting too good
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow the dad is the kingpin .. smh we need more . I’m so mad I clicked on this book and it’s not done . But I got respect for the writer I saw her comments
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh shit knew it was gonna be the dad but still oh shit!

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