"Alpha, we located him, but he concealed himself within the town's Orphanage," Minerva informed as they bowed their heads slightly in front of Colt.

Colt then let out a long sigh and fixed his focus on Minerva.

Colt inquired, "Where exactly was he?"

"Near the house you used to live in," Minerva said.

Colt didn't say anything after that, and Minerva knows he was angry at the time. She doesn't want to accept that they didn't carry out their work, but she can't just quit up. Minerva's purpose as a scout was to impress Colt, which is why she worked so hard at her job.

"But Alpha, we can still deal with him; we've already set up traps for him, and by tonight, we'll get him," Minerva said, her gaze falling on Colt, who had turned his back from them.

"Do what you think is right, and if you need anything, contact me," Colt said


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