Felon Identity 1
Felon Identity 1
Author: Kajal

Character of the stories

Girik Singh:- 35 years old.

India's number one businessman and number one richest bachelor.

In the whole world, he comes in 3rd position as the richest businessman.

Very rude, arrogant, ruthless cold-hearted man.

He is the man from whom whole India feared because he has power and money to cage the world in his fist.

For him, his family reputation is everything and to save it he can do anything, which means ANYTHING.

Ekiya sati:- 18-year-old middle-class girl doing her graduation from the nearby college.

She is a selfless, innocent girl, kind-hearted and she loves everything which this beautiful nature has.

Nature lover and love to sing, aim of her life is never harm or hurt anyone with your doing or by your words.

Oni Singh:- 3-year-old little girl, very naughty, beating heart of Singh's family.

Anay and Harini Singh:- middle-aged old couple, parents of girik Singh, lovely couples and love their blood a lot.

Mr Anay has retired from the business and gave his ruling chair to his son.

and now he is a free man but still, he loves to spend his time in his company while Mrs Harini has fashion business on her name and she is well-known fashion clothing diva, her clothes have her name .... Harini clothes which is a well-known and popular branded clothes.

Mitesh and Garima sati:- middle-aged couple, they are middle class, a humble lovely couple, down to the earth, positive thinking vibes containing, love their kids a lot.

Parents of onveer and ekiya sati.

Mr Mitesh is a retired police officer while Mrs Garima is a housewife.

Onveer and lipika sati:- 26 and 26 years old respectfully, very romantic couple. Mr Onveer is a chef in a five-star hotel while Mrs Lipika is an architect-engineer.

Onveer is the elder brother of ekiya, he loves his sister a lot, in simple words, she is his beating heart his strength but her innocent nature is his weakness.

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