Walking in the mall I randomly roamed around to slip away from both the guards' eyes but both were so good in their work that I found it hard.

To escape with the crowd which was risky. I took that risk, I walk around the cinema area where a huge crowd walk out from the theatre room when the movie finished. Seems like luck is with me today because my feet dragged me with the crowd away from the guards' eyes as I can see them both searching me in the crowd like foxes but they are failing miserably in that.

I covered my head with the scarf which I had kept in my purse hidden. Walking fast with the crowd I moved out from the mall from its back door as I don't want to meet my driver at the entry gate.

I can see several security men of the mall rushing inside the mall area especially, at the movie area, perhaps those both bodyguards of mine has informed him about my absence.

I should hurry up!

Crossing the street I walk into the small street which has no CCTV cameras in any shop because they are not that luxurious shops however, the kinds of stuff are good.

My cell phone is already in the car so, he can't track me and I have already removed all the jewellery including my wedding chain before coming here so that if he has set any tracking device into any then he wouldn't be able to find me now.

Stooping a taxi for myself I sit inside it and the driver asked me where to go? If I go to the railway station or bus station then his men will be there waiting for me. Perhaps the Police are also checking every car at checkpoints in my search. I am aware of it because I know how powerful he is! 

Suddenly my eyes caught that the driver of the taxi in which I was, gave the pass to the Ambulance by moving aside his car which gave me an idea.

" To the hospital please, " I told him holding my belly not painfully just with love to give an idea that I am going for a check-up or whatever.

" Thanks " thanking the driver I moved out from his car after paying him fare and went into the parking area of the hospital where I found several Abundance was parked. 

So, it's time for a deal. Wiping away the sweat from my forehead I walked towards an old man who I found harmless for me as I was not getting any bad vibes from him. 

" Good afternoon Sir " respectfully greeting the old man caused him to look at me with an impressed face.

Okay, I am doing good!

" Actually Sir I need your ambulance for my sister, " I told him to which he said from where he has to pick her and he will charge more money if he has to cross the long distance.

" It's okay Sir, I will give you enough money but please hurry up, " I told him and he sits on his driving seat while I sit behind alone as the mate of the driver sits with him which was good for me.

" Where to Child? " The driver asked me to start the engine.

God! I haven't thought that! 

" Aa... A... My sister is on a train and her train is about to reach near state border so, we should go to the near state border railway station from there we will pick her " I explained to him and here we drove with fast speed.

The ambulance crossed that high traffic as everyone give it a pass. The Ambulance slow down when we reach near the checkpoint where the police were checking every vehicle. my eyes turned watery when I found him standing at the checkpoint with the police officers checking every car. 

His guards were also with him who were checking every car and vehicle. A storm is about to happen because the wind is very wild as I can see his shirt waving with the air so his hair.

From the one hand, he is dialling a number continuously which no one is answering. That perhaps be mine as I have kept it on silent mode hiding it under the car seat. 

From his face, I can say he is looking devasted. He is only in his shirt which sleeves are rolled up showing his angrily popping hands veins and pants looking so, stressed for me. The worried face of his has little trace of anger too but he is holding it back. I didn't feel goosebumps will be a lie. After looking at him I saw flashbacks of my stay with him, our first meeting, our wedding, our first night, our first fight everything. 

If he catches me today then he will tie me around his neck because once he had warned me that if I dare to run away from him then he wouldn't mind hanging me around his neck so that I never could escape from him.

My heartbeat is at its peak because now it's my Ambulance turn to get checked. Joining my hands I played to God that he wouldn't check this Ambulance. 

He was looking at the other vehicle trying to see me inside any of them while the police officer told him to get his attention. The police officer said to him " Sir, it's an Ambulance "

Turning his head at the Ambulance I one more time got to see his face because he said " Let, it go. We shouldn't stop an ambulance" 

Wiping away all the tears from my eyes which were blurring my vision I looked at him who is turning small and small as Ambulance moved away from him.

I haven't left any goodbye note for him or anyone except her. I have left a small slip on which I have written that I love her and will always but I have to do that for myself. Except her, I don't think anyone else deserves an explanation from me. One day she will understand me. 

' I am sorry for this but I need this so, I am not sorry for it ' the good in me said in my heart as I was feeling guilty for doing it.

When we arrived at the railway station of the other state I put the money on the seat and flew away from there after tricking the driver and his mate.

I moved to the other state from there by train. 




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