Chapter - 1

Ekiya's Pov.:-

My heart is doing a wild dance inside my chest. I am feeling like to cry out loud, sweat drops of fear racing from my forehead to my cheeks only to steam down over my neck and then inside my top to sink in it.

My head is aching very badly as I am forcing it to recall what had I learned yesterday night. I don't know what to write in this question because my brain cells are behaving dead. Don't know why it's so usual that at exam times your brain betrayed you.

Today is my first semester's chemistry exam. Currently, I am in the exam hall and there is a question ' what is hybridization? It's types and explain hybridization in PCl5 ' and I don't remember the answer anymore.

What to do now? Oh god! Please! Please!! Please!!! Deliver the answer of this question inside my brain so that I can write it.

After grinding each brain cell inside my brain I filter it in my memory then I remembered the answer and I wrote it down with my bullet train like fast-moving hands.

Oh, God! Finally! Finally, I complete my exam and came out from the exam hall after submitting my answer sheet in a condition as If I was coming from the fighting ring with a great victory.

As my friends are still doing their respective exams. Therefore, I decided to wait for them.

Soon after a few minutes, one by one they all walk to me with happy faces telling me that they did a great job on their answer's sheet.

" How was your exam eki? " my friend Falak asked me.

" Good and yours?" I asked to which she said well

Our squad is six members, I have five friends of which two are girls and three are boys. Falak, Pooja, Uttam, Rohan, Neeraj and me. We all are science students doing graduation from our nearby college.

Before leaving the campus, we all discuss our answers and soon we all started to go back to our house. 

Unlike my all friends I don't own a bike or car. Therefore, I took a bus to go to my house even though they said that any of them will drop me at my house my I decline the offer and soon I came to my house colony.

Trees are singing with the air as both sides of the road have trees.

This place is really beautiful where my house is. The area is good and the people are humble and welcoming. Pushing away from the uneasiness of different vibes in the air, I walk further into the alley to reach my house's more greeny street.

I halt in my steps because there are around twenty black-suited buildup men are standing on each side of the road from the starting of the lane and they are ending at the entrance of my house's main door.

In each line, one black car is standing in the middle of each two men. It's looking like that this road is some ramp walk for these luxury cars or something like a car show.

I look around at my neighbours, no one is around, their windows, doors are shut. It is so unusual. The atmosphere of the place is dread. The day-tweeting area is deserted today, there is no sign of any human being, except these peoples who do not belong here.

Goosebumps arise over my skin when I turned around to find anyone familiar but found none and a gust of cold wind slap my exposed skin causing me to shiver with it.

I looked around again. Thankfully, my eyes landed on my neighbour house who is my father's good friend and their daughter is also my good friend.

I looked up at my friend's room's window to see she is signalling me with her hands to run away.

I frowned and asked her why but she put her hand over her mouth and I think she is crying because her face uglily frowned and lips were trembling but why?

Suddenly, my stomach grumbled to say, feed me first and do you why?why? Thing later. I look at my house direction again and think.

Why they all are guiding my house. I frowned in confusion and my heart started to tremble in unknown fear when realisation suck me. Did something happen to my family or what. My father was in the Police force maybe some old friend or senior office have come to meet my father?

Jogging towards my house I reached the main gate of my house. Unexpectedly the two hulks hold me back causing me to glare at them instantly. One left my hand while the other didn't.

I look up at him in confusion and anger and shout at him " leave me you hulk! let me go inside! "

Getting annoyed by these two men was obvious to me because how dare they stop me from going inside my own house.

" Who are you?" he asked in a robotic voice rudely.

" I am the daughter of this house's owner," I said while pointing my finger towards my house entrance door with anger running in my brain cells.

He looked at other members and they gave him a nod. Eventually, he freed me and signalled me to go by forwarding his hand towards my house.

I passed him an angry look and ran inside my house while he just smirked evilly like he knows my future or something. However, I ignored him.

My jogging calmed when I put a brake on my steps as I went inside the living room. My breaths stuck in my lungs as I saw my papa sitting on his knees with joined hands and tears are running down from his eyes.

It looks like that he bagging for something from the man who is seating in front of him on a sofa chair while putting his both legs on the centre table, crossing them.

My visions are unable to look at his face as five black-suited men also standing behind him. I can only see his legs which are resting on the table.

By looking at all this my hands automatically came to my mouth and tears ran down from my eyes.

What is happening here? Why my papa is in this condition? I can't believe it. it must be some bad dream of mine. I should wake up.

" Papa," I said in my broken voice and ran to him as I realised that it's the reality.

I hugged him and after breaking the hug I hold his bruised face in my both trembling hands and said " what happened to you? why are you crying? Why are you kneeling in front of " my words stopped as I turned to say 'in front of him. But I couldn't say these words because there is seating a very handsome specimen with a clenched jaw and angry look in his eyes. His handsome features are not the things that stole my words, it's his dark scary aura that dared me to say anything.

By looking at his dark black with brown shade eyes and an electrical shiver ran down in my whole body giving birth to the goosebumps over my skin.

' Danger ' my sixth sense said to me. I was already gasping in fear but after looking at his eyes my breath stuck inside my lungs.

Papa turned my face to him and whispered to me " run my child, run before they catch you and hurt you. I begging you! Please, Runaway from here "

I frowned and shook my head in no while tears of fear ran down from my eyes.

" Where is maa, " I said and look on the other side of the table to see my mother is laying on the floor like a dead person.

"MAAAaaa..." I shout in shock getting horrified at the meantime and ran towards her to hold her in my hands. I pat her cheeks yet no response from her side, while my tears are falling on her face.

" What happened to her papa?*sob* Why she is not waking up? " I said still trying to wake up my mother.

Papa didn't say anything. I heard his cries rather than answers. His silence petrified me more.

" Mother please mother wake up! *Sob* ma " I shout at her but she didn't move an inch. I placed my cold shivering finger in front of her nose to see her breathing are very slow and short than a normal one.

" Papa we have to take ma to the hospital. Get up! quickly. I bring her I'd car with money from her almirah and you go and ask for Mohan uncle If he is at home or not. We can take mom to the hospital in his car. " I said while standing up and running inside my parent's bedroom.

I hurriedly grabbed all the necessary things and came back to see my dad, he is still sitting there in his place where he was before.

I got angry because her mom is in critical condition and my papa is seating. if we delay like this might be we will lose her.

No this is not going to happen!

" Papa what are you doing come. let's go," I said while pulling him on his feet.

But he didn't move from his seat and fell on the ground flat.

I gasped and ran down to his laying self " papa! No! what happened to you, papa? Please wake up! papa " I said while shaking him but he didn't open his eyes.

My eyes are big in fear. My hands are shaking. my body is cold like ice.. no .. don't lose yourself.

Out of fear, anxiety, panic, helplessness and being lost I sobbed at his body but I got pulled back on my feet as someone yanked my hair.

" Ahhhh " I shout in pain as I felt a burning pain in my hair scalp. Ultimately, to free my hair from the clutch of the person I hold the person's hand in mine.

In the process, I look back to see the same man who was seated on the sofa chair before is holding me by my hair.

" Come girl with me to your new house," he said and started to drag me by my hair outside the house.

Everything was happening so sudden that I was looking like a fool because I was not getting anything other than to admit my parents to the hospital before I lose them.   I wiggle and tried to free myself from him but couldn't.

" Maaaaa.. papaaaa...... Please somebody help me ... Please " I shout in a high loud voice but no one came. Silence is the only thing that I get from my neighbours.

" Please ... *Sob* ... Please leave me, sir. My parents will die if they didn't reach the hospital on time.

Please, sir. I am begging to you " I said with joining hands while my body is still dragging by him.

He stopped and said, " what will I get in return? " His voice is very dominating cold and rough manly voice which intimate me.

" Anything, I will do or give you anything," Instant answer I gave him with tears washing my face.

He nods and then the four men who were inside the house with him took my parents bodies and placed them inside the one black car.

I freed myself from his hold and ran towards my parents but he didn't let me go as he hold me back by my waist and pushed me inside the different call.

" Please let me go. I want to see my parents " I begged with joined trembling hands.

Regardless he just set inside his car, beside me. I put my hands on my face and started to cry hard.

Why is all this happening to us? who is he? What does he want from me or my family? Do my parents know him? these questions are running inside my brain again and again.

God, please save my parents. I can't live without them *sob* If you want to take them back to you then please take me also with them, they are my everything.

Brother *sob* Brother! My brother is not at home because he is a chef in Goa's high rated started hotel while we live here in Uttar Pradesh.

" Come outside ." I heard his voice and looked up to see we are in front of the hospital.

With no second thought, I climbed down from the car and ran like a mad girl inside the hospital and stopped in front of the receptionist area.

" Here an emergency patient.." I eat my further words as someone dragged me back inside the hospital




I look at the person who is dragging me. He is the black-suited man, who took my parents to the hospital.

After getting dragged. I came in front of the two operation rooms door in which my mama and papa's treatment is running.

I joined my hands to pray for my parent's life. I am all alone here, I am feeling very brokedown. Weak and helpless.

' God please save them both! they are my life! for me, they are my everything! in return, you can take my other happiness but please save them! " I said and cried. My legs gave up making me sit on the floor while crying.




It has been 15 minutes since my parents are inside the room. The doctors still doing their work.

My mother's room door opened and the doctor came out. I quickly got up from the floor and ran to him.

" Doctor. doctor sir, how is my mother now? what happened to her? " I said with my three fingers over my lower trembling lip. so that, I can talk properly.

" She is out of danger now. She got unconscious because of a panic attack and due to this her Blood pressure also raised although it won't lead to a heart attack which is a miracle," he said and dismissed me and walked away.

" Can I meet my mother? " I asked the nurse who is coming out from my mother's hospital room.

She said yes and I ran inside to see my mother still unconscious.

I set beside her upper body on the stool and hold the hand which has IV attached to it.

" Maa please wake up maa. I am scared. papa is in the operation room. I am scared for him. He got cardiac arrest " I said to my mother.

I got to know about my father's cardiac arrest by a nurse, who had come outside to take blood from the hospital blood store for my father.

So, I asked her about my dad.

My maa. She doesn't get her consciousness back. The nurse informed me that she will get her consciousness back after one hour.

I came out from her room to the corridor and set on the waiting chair with eyes glued on my father's operation's room door.

God, please save him also. In return take my everything but please save him. I prayed with joined hands.





It's been 1-hour now but still, Papa's operation is running.

I went to my mother's room to see that she is gaining her consciousness back as I saw her eyelids moving slowly with a frown on her forehead.

I stroke her forehead with my cold hands which is showing my terrifying condition.

By this action, my mother opened her eyes with a jolt and set up only to hiss in pain. She holds her head by her both hands.

" Maa are you okay? Want to call a doctor for you? " I asked in the flow of panic.

She shakes her head in no and looks up at me.

" What are you doing here ekiya? Runaway from here Where.. where is your papa? " She said while gasping for air.

" No ... .. no.. maa .. please maa breath ... Everything is okay maa .. please breath ... Doctor .. doctor " I shout and doctor and nurse both came running inside and started to operate maa.

The nurse gave maa an injection and after that maa again closed her eyes.

" Now she is sleeping. I have to give her a sleeping med. so that, she can rest and won't get any panic attack " Doctor said and went out while instructing the nurse to stay my maa's side




Time passed like this and now three hours passed from when I came out from my mother's room still no news of papa.

Four same black-suited men guarding my maa's room door and same with my Papa's operation room door.

I am seating on the waiting chair with black-suited men on both sides.

Due to continuous weeping, my throat cried due to dryness. I stood to go to the water cooler to have a glass of water, they both also followed me. I turned and gave them confused look only to find them standing with emotionless faces.

Shaking my head at them I again took steps, they again followed me. This is it. I can endure it further.

" Why you both are following me?" I asked to which they didn't reply.

' ignore them ' my brain suggests and I obey it.

After drinking water, I went to the ladies washroom to which they both followed me and I mocked them with raised bows ' now you will follow inside the ladies washroom too ' to which they both stood outside the door to guard it.


They followed me back to my seat after when I came out of the washroom. I released a deep heavy breath and closed my eyes, again a tear slipped out from them.

Suddenly the door opened and 2-4 doctors came out. I ran to them with hope in my eyes.

" Sir .. how is my father? sir. " I asked to which I got a reply " sorry, we did our best but he slipped in a coma. Sorry"

My world stopped there. No! no this can't happen.

" Papa ...." I shout out loud and ran towards his room where compartment boy took my father's unconscious self in the other room. That boy left the room after doing his work.

I set beside him and joined my hands and rest my forehead on them.

" Get well soon papa. Please don't leave me. " I prayed with closed eyes. My eyes snapped open to look that his body is shaking and his heartbeat is fast which I saw in the machine.

I ran out and shout at the top of my lungs " doctor .. doctor " here two doctors came running.

They went inside and pushed me out of the room.




They came out after 20 or 30 minutes with a smile.

" It's a miracle but he is out from the danger. Don't give him stress. you can meet him now," he said and went away.

I happily enter inside to see my dad's weak tired face " papa .. how are you now? " I asked while stroking his face and wiping his tears.

" I am good now. sorry, beta (child) for scaring you. " I put my hand on his mouth to shut his further words.

"You need rest. We will talk later okay. " I said." Where is your mother? " Papa asked.

" Maa is also alright now. she is resting and you should also because you faced heart surgery, Sleep," I said but rather to obey me. He shook his head in no.

" Now we both(me and your mother) are okay now. Runaway ekiya, my child run away before that monster does something to you," Papa said with a horrified scared face.

" Papa first calmed down and tall me from who I need to run away," I asked papa but he looked behind me.

" From me " same electrical shiver giving.. cold voice came out from my behind causing me to turn towards it in reflex.






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