Chapter - 2



Turning around to look at the man who has said that I need to stay away from him. I saw passing me an evil smirk when he saw his aura is affecting me.

' Like I am dying to be close to him ' I said to my little inner child who punched this man several times in my head.

' right you even don't know him eki but look he is looking scary ' my little inner childish self said to me means my brain.

My all attention turns back when my ears catch high beeping sounds to pull back my all panic self in me for my father who is now struggling to breathe while his heartbeat rhythm shows the monitor is running fast showing that his heart is pumping blood more rapidly than necessary.

With bursting heart and burning throat, I shout " doctor doctor doctor doctor " but no one came.

" No one is going to step inside till I am here! " That scary stranger told me in my ears in his low voice and this process, his lips touched my ear skin to make me freeze due to shiver and eventually, pant in my breathing. My body jolts in shiver plus surprise but I don't have any time to teach him a good lesson as my parents need me now.

After turning to him I pushed him out with my whole power then I pulled the doctor by his hand who was standing outside the room at the door and with this I locked the door.

The door was banging continuously but I just stood like a rock with a neutral face but from inside I am ready to pee in my pants due to fear. Regardless, I can't show it right now because my family needs me more than me dying in fear and my father is looking at me with his red puffy eyes while struggling to be alive.

I hold my father's hand while doctors were doing their work. I didn't break down before my father or else he will panic. I am scared as my heart is pumping like it will burst like an atom bomb and kill everyone around me if anything happens to my dad.

I broke down in tears when I saw my dad's emotionless face. He is now under sleeping drugs control.

" Your father's heart is not able to work properly although we have controlled the situation. Right now we need to transplant a new heart in him. Means he has to go under heart transplant surgery " the Doctor informed me making me stop in my weeping and give him my complete conscious attention to his words.

" How much this surgery will cost? " I asked him.

" Apparently this surgery cost fifty to sixty lakhs as we charge heart price in it also but if you know or have your heart donor then it will cost a maximum of twenty to thirty lakh with all hospital and medicine bills," he said like money is not a matter to me.

But it is because I or my parents don't have this huge amount of money.

I nod my head but was banged on the wall by someone who took me by surprise and caged my tired brain and body in between him and the wall.

I looked at his hard clenched muscles face which is dripping danger from them especially his firing eyes which hold the power to kill me especially my soul.

A cold shiver ran down my spins when his hand twist my jaw in his rough clutch. He brings my face towards his face, our lips are just some layers away to stick together.

His breath fanning my face to make my face hairs jolt in the spark of electrical shiver which runs down in my veins to make me feel cold, weak before him. He is like 6'3 in height while I am 5'4 completely getting intimate with his dominating aura, this is a disadvantage I have.

With all my power, I wiggled in his hold while he give me evidence of his pervert self by rubbing his chest over my chest to make me hiss in fury and shrink in humiliation and embarrassment.

" How dare you to push me out from my very own hospital room huh? " He roared over my small head intimidating me with his husky voice, which scared me to a frightening extent. In the meantime with his last word which was a roar ' huh,' he pushed his body close to mine making me hiss in pain as his body was grinding me like a paste under his. At the same time, my tears run down from my eyes to fall over my cheeks to make them moist in my tears.

I wiggled my hands from his hand's painful hold as he was holding my hands way too hard to leave his fingerprints over my wrist.

In reflex, He pushed my hands more on the wall when he saw that I am trying to free myself from his cage.

" Ahh " I hissed in pain when my finger bones grind over the hard wall and my skin burned with pain.

" Leave me you son of moron! I will file a complaint against you for your this perverting behaviour " God knows from where I got this power and confidence to yell at this double size man but I hissed over him because I am not ready to give up and especially not right now when I should be strong for my family.

However, he didn't move away from me so I kneed him on his main part to free myself from his clutch. In instant, I found myself free from him and him rolling on the floor grunting and moaning in pain while holding his children forming tool.

Supposing it as a good opportunity I stepped away from him only to walk near the hospital room door and said " now be ready to pay for your crime ".

Saying this I walk out from the room to get hostage in black-suited men team, who are looking scary as hell with no expression on their face, neutral like robots with guns in their hands.

" What is all this? Stop blocking my way before I complain against you all for molesting me " I shout at them while standing on my toes to reach their eyesight but it can't be possible as I am looking like an ant in the middle of these elephants.

By looking at me no one can say that I am scared or affected by them, surroundings me all around, but what you see is not always true. The same thing is here because I am terrified to be in my sane state but still I am coping with a strong face like a strong woman.

No one moved and for a while, I thought that they haven't heard a single word from me But no they just ignored my words.

I clenched my fist to punch the man who was in front of me. However, I controlled myself because I can smell no, not smell, I can see everything is fishy here. Nothing is normal. it's like a fabricated trap but for what?

Because I believe in the phenomenon that ' I haven't done anything wrong to anyone so, nothing wrong will happen to me '

and due to this belief, I am still in my sane sense.

Nevertheless, I punched the guy on his stomach eventually, hiss in pain by holding the aching injured fingers of my right hand.

With painting glassy eyes I looked at the bodyguard to see he is still standing in the same position as before with no expression on his face.

' what is he? a metal machine or robot! ' I wondered soothing my numb fingers but still, I am angry, tensed, want to beat them. However, nature has already decided to make women less in physical power than men. Then what we can do here?

" Why are you all doing this? Let me go! are you all dead or dump to even respond and respect my words by obeying them "

" You puppets of moron master. Let me go another wise I will kill you all with my very own bare hand "

" Help! Help! Somebody, please help me! look here they are molesting me. Please help me, somebody help me, please. Please call the police "

I continuously shout till my throat cried in dryness causing me to cough badly and thirst for water but I don't have time to have water.

Surprisingly there was not a single common man in the corridor, only hospital staff members are there. However, no one came to help me or did anything to help me.

" Let her go. Let's see who will help her and dare to have guts to go against me " I heard that man's scary cold loud voice which echoed in the whole corridor.

My path got cleared to which I ran away without turning back while feeling his eyes on my back putting fire of frightening in my whole body from him.




I entered the police station and tell the police officer everything. he asked me to show him who is he but as I don't know who that man is so I asked him to come with me to the hospital.




We arrived at the hospital. I lead him in a walk to show him the way to reach our destination Inside my father's room where my father is on a hospital bed unconscious while that man is smoking and kissing out its smoke with a smirking plaster over his face.

" See officer he is the man. He has done something to my parents that's why they are on a hospital bed and he has also misbehaved to me in a dirty way by stepping in my... Officer? Officer! Hey you! where are you going??? Hey, Hey Mr You can't... Ahhhhh " I was saying this stranger's Scandal to the officer but suddenly he walks back and then ran away out from my sight while mumbling ' sorry sir! sorry, sir! sorry, sir! '

I was not ready to give up that's why I tried to stop him and tried to run behind him but this scary stranger hold my hand in his to stop me in my place. However, when I tried to wiggle out from his hold he twist my wrist to make my body twist back with my twisted down wrist causing me to moan in pain eventually.

" Leave me before I kill you! " I hissed on him angrily. Rather than leaving me he only smirked over my struggling self.

His smirk holds evilness in it which I surely read and shivered due to it as unknown fear cloud me.

" Stop giving dead threats, if you surely can do anything against me then try and save yourself from me because it's your only last chance to fight back because after this you won't be able to do anything against me and will submit yourself to me, even your soul after knowing who I am! " He breathed out his threatening words to me to shake my soul in frightening.

He left my hands and signalled me to go by moving his hand in the air.

" You just wait here! I am just coming in a few minutes and then you will see the power of unity of my relatives and neighbours. So what, if that police officer ran away it's doesn't mean that you have won. He is not the only one in police, I will take complete police staff here to beat the hell out of you " I threaten him while moving away from him while showing him my index finger in a challenging way with anger all over my face.

" Let's see! " He said with the same secret hidden smile.

' you will pay for it, you spineless creature ' I cursed him in my head and went for help.




It's late-night now and no one is ready to help me but why? My relatives ditched me the instant they found me at their door for help rather than giving their helping hands they blamed my father for being a stupid person. My father's friends and neighbours behaved as they don't know me or I am a stranger to them. Even they didn't open their house doors to talk to me. Even my brother is also not picking his phone. In the end, I called my friends however, I had already lost my hopes from them because I was aware that they wouldn't come forward to help me because of their family and they proved me right.

I don't know what to do? from where I will get this much huge amount? Because we don't have any property in our name. The only property is my father's house and if I sell it, it will give only 30 lakhs, still, 30 lakhs needed.

I stepped inside the hospital but was stopped by dumb creatures bodyguards when I tried to go inside my mother's room. I looked up at them confusingly.

They didn't say anything but pushed me away from my mother's room door causing me to fall on the floor by my butt. I hissed in pain but I got up and run towards my father's room and again the same things repeated. Hereafter, I lost my sanity.

I huffed angrily and hold my slippers in my every hand and started to hit them while running around like a monkey without getting caught in their hold. I gave them a tough time catching me.

" How dare you all stop me from going inside? You are no one to stop me to meet my parents! " I shout and threw a water bottle over one bodyguard's head to fly him on the floor with force.

One man ran to me and I ran away from him to save myself but got caught in his hold only by my long hair. I weep in pain when he threw me backwards by pulling my hair.

I fall to the floor and my back and head hit the hard floor. For a while, I lost contact with my surroundings due to pain in my head and body. I took a bunch of oxygen through hard panting due to shivering.

I rubbed my shaking hands over my forehead and tried to get up by pushing my elbows on the floor as I was laying flat by my back. My head spun but still, I successfully balanced my body on my feet.

I looked at my straight to see the devil himself coming in his expensive black suit with one hand in his pant pocket while the other has his phone and not to forget his victory smile when he saw my tired self.

" So, No one is with you! Huh! " He mocked me after standing three steps away from me. But still, he said his words over my ear while rubbing his lips over my earlobe to make me take deep intakes of breath as I lost breath when his lips touched my earlobe. And with that my heart also danced in a high rhythm of fear.

I pushed him away from me and said with confidence " why your men are stopping me to meet my parents? "

" It's simple wifey because you are under debt," he answered.

What wifey? Has he gone mad in just a few hours or what? here I am who is facing this much is still sane with a full brain rather than pulling my hair in the craziness of frustration of all this tension. And he. He is calling me wife and talking about some debt.

" Who is your wife? and what debt? " I said while moving my both hands in questioning.

" Aww! Dump of shit you are! How irresponsible you are? signing without reading is dangerous don't you think," he said in changing his voice like a girl but mocking one while fanning his face with some papers which his one man had given him when I was asking him about wife and debt.

" Look at them," he said after slapping those papers on my face. I read them to see he paid all bills for my parent's treatment and with that now my parent's house is his and I have to pay him back that complete money. Last but not least shocking!

Because it's marriage papers on which my signatures are also sparkling. My shocking eyes moved from my signature to his. Where I read his name, Girik Singh.

My lips shivered in fear and my tongue lost its nerves to move to speak his name because he is like a king of this complete country.

Everyone fears his name and here I am. But I still don't have any regret for going against him and fighting back because he has hurt my parents that's why they are hospitalized.

About signing these papers. I had sighed these papers when I got to know about my father's heart transplant, the time when the doctor had asked me to sign the papers for donated heart and in hurry, I signed them without reading as I was happy for getting a heart for my father's heart transplant.

Now rather than cursing my own self. I can't do anything  ' I think I am ought to live my whole life as this creature's wife ' my intelligence sense said when I saw his predatory eyes eating my soul only with intense eyes look.

" Now let's go," He said and pulled me by my hand. But I protest and pushed him away.

" You has taken advantage of my absent-minded situation. I am not accepting it and will never accept you as my husband! " I said and angry tears fall from my eyes.

' it's all your fault eki! How irresponsible you are! ' I cursed myself for being careless because I know he is not joking because.

Girik Singh is known for his words. He is a man of his words and he doesn't believe in making jokes around because he has way more important things to do rather waste time making jokes or chilling around.

" Like I will treat you like my wife. My servant staff is much more classy than you. you even can't reach their standard, so, how can you even think that I will treat you like my wife? Huh? You are so cheap for me and low class which is a taint on my name and reputation " He insults me which successfully banged on my brain and heart. And with that anger again pumped in my veins fading humiliation away from my system because I am proud of myself and my parents for what I am.

I am a proud middle-class citizen!

" If I am taint on your reputation then why did you marry me " I wanted to shout at him but my helplessness make me put a break my sharp knife-like tongue. But still, sarcasm didn't leave from my words.

He looked at me with an emotionless face but it with the flip of seconds changed in a mocking smile.

" What do you think I am a fool? " He questioned and I hummed in my head because I believe that he is as no one marries anyone in this way and especially to any stranger.

" I have paid your parent's hospital bills. So what did you think that it's charity? No, It's not. I will take left some of the money from you in my way. So, obey me " he said with a bastard smile to shake me in fear because I understand his double meaning holding the last sentence.

" Come let's go," he said and hold my hand to pull me with him but I dig my feet on the floor to slip over it by his pull. With no trace of effort, he dragged me with him for five-six steps.

While I just shout for help but like I am the only one in that area who can speak, hear and see. While others just behave as dumb, deaf and blind.

" Come silently if you want your family alive. Not only you. this whole country knows that I never back off from my words. If I have said something then I will do it. And same goes here. if you again protest and say no to my any command. Then I will kill your whole family before your eyes and then will have my ways with you whether with your constant or without it. and it's not wrong in any way because I am your husband woman " he said in his hissed voice to make me nod my head in yes like a small afraid kid. My heart did a wild dance due to anxiety and nervousness hearing husband word from his mouth. He is my husband. I am married now. God!

" Why are you doing this to me and my family? what wrong we have done? " I asked him silent sniffing.

" You have slapped on my reputation and that's why they all are suffering only because of you " He roared over my sitting self on the floor while my hands were in his one.

' what ' my mind stopped hearing his words.

" I think I am not that person who has done this. Because it's our first meeting because before today I haven't seen you " I said

" I know it's you about whom I am talking so stop pretending and drop your this innocent act, how you have insulted me we both know about it. Now I am hard for you " he said shamelessly and his security staff members roared in cheering while whistling as they congratulate him for his wedding to which he passed them smirk.

My head hung low in shame. I have never felt this much humiliated before. Tears of shame, frustration, humiliation, fear ran down from my eyes. I facepalmed myself to hide from more humiliation.

He pulled me up and carried me in his arms in bridal style when I didn't take a step with him. I was so uncomfortable and at the same time horrible because I know what he will do next and I am all alone, no one is there to save me from him. However, he is my husband but we are strangers yet my brain warned me that he is my husband and he is right. Why???





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