Chapter - 3

Ekiya's Pov.:-

We both stepped out from his car after reaching our destination ' His Villa '. All the way I was sitting away from him inside the car without sharing any words with me. On the other hand, he was busy trying on his phone screen.

Two ladies came to me rushing after bowing before their master, one and only, The greet Girik Singh, please Note the sarcasm.

They both took hold of my hand while standing opposite each other. They escort me to the room which was screaming luxury.

I silently behaved to let them do whatever they wanna do because one wrong move from my side and its price will be taken from me in so different way which I can't even imagine.

" Mam please take a bath and take this " one lady said to me after showing me the bathroom with placing a small bag in my hands.

Absentmindedly, I nod my head and stood under the shower after locking the door to let the tears stream freely which I had caged before in my eyes. It

" Maa papa, please god fill their body with health. I am frightening maa papa. I don't want to be his wife. He is scary. I don't know what I have done to him and he is not ready to spill the beans of his mysterious behaviour. I am sorry. I am sorry maa papa all this is happening because of me but I am even not sure about that am I the real culprit of his loss or not? I don't have any idea what wrong I have done to him which lead him to take this step!

You both are on a hospital bed all because of me. I will be strong and will try to win his heart so that he forgives me and leave us to live our lives like a normal one. However, I don't if I am enough strong for that or not " I babbled under the running shower with breaking in sobs.

*Bang* *Bang*

I gasped when suddenly someone banged the bathroom door from the other side.

Realisation flood my body that I am in this washroom for more than an hour. I hurriedly cleaned my body and opened the packet to see undergarments inside it.

I wore them and they are my size ' how do they know my size? '.

' leave it eki it's not the time to be lost in wonder. Go out before they break this door into tinny pieces ' my brain shouts in panic after hearing a continuously increasing banging sound.

I wrapped the bathrobe around my body and opened the door with my heavy panting.

Both the ladies are standing in front of me with tensed and scared sweating expressions and one woman's eyes are on the edge of tearing in frightening.

They both sighed in relief after seeing me standing all fit and fine. I dare to pass them a polite and apologise for the smile which they returned with a pitiful expression.

" Mam please change into this," said one lady among both of them. With that, both give me my privacy to change in the given clothes.

I wore it. it's a simple red saree but with a lehnga look mix. I draped it around me in the way my mother had taught me. Remembering about my mother tears rushed in my eyes missing her and my father.

" Mam here. please sit here," said one lady showing me a stool to sit on.

I silently straightened up my face and obeyed them. One is doing my hair and one is making me wear some jewellery.

I got ready looking like a normal Indian woman but only the difference is my fuffy red blood-spitting eyes, red nose and sadness over my face.

How do I know about it? so, there is a massive mirror before me. I am sitting in a closet which all walls are mirror covered, wherever you look, you will see your reflection.

And it's fricking my soul out in fear. yes, I am scared and who won't be scared of these kinds of things. Few hours before my life was simple yet wonderful. Now in a snap of a second, it turned upside-down to push me into this hell hole.

Indeed, I am not nervous because I am terrified by all this. Nothing is looking real, my brain is in the fog of mystery to go crazy in it, to find the truth.

Someone knocked on the door and both the ladies jolt from their places with escaping surprised gasps.

" It's time let's go " saying they pulled me out of the room to drag me in long corridors.

We arrived at the garden area where I saw some people gathering around something which is looking like an Indian wedding Pavilion.

Both the ladies make me sit beside the man who is already my husband in papers and now is going to claim me as his rightfully in front of everyone.

Soon priests started to sing chants of marriage. Don't be surprised if I didn't protest because I know even if I do then I can't change my poor luck. Also, no drama means no trouble in my parent's life.




" Now I pronounced you both as a husband and wife," said the priest to both of us and as our Hindu religion priest is equal to god. I band down to touch his feet for blessings but my husband didn't which somewhat didn't surprise me as I had expected it from him.

I missed my parents in the whole wedding process. Every daughter wants her parents to be with her in her marriage completing all the rituals which a bride's parents ought to do but my poor fate they were not here. So all this was done by another priest and his wife.

" God bless you, child. May God shower all the marriage happiness in your life with many children " priest give me his blessings.

My body Shivered when I understood the meaning of priest words but I didn't get the time to wipe out my sweat from my forehead as,

" Mommy," someone said in its cute adoring voice. After that, my legs were engulfed in someone's embrace. I looked in surprise at so beautiful and adorable little girl.

Without wasting any minute and thinking I pulled her in my embrace. She hugged me and rest her hands around my neck to showered continuous kisses over my cheeks.

She is so soft like a cotton ball. I too showered kisses on her cheeks. She shrieked in shyness to hide her face in my neck with her melodious giggles.

" I missed you, mommy," she said while rubbing my back with her tinny hands. Although I am confused with her calling me her mommy but still I cope with it and said " I missed you too my baby ".

Relief!, this is what I felt after her hug, I don't know how? And why? all my tension, worry flew out from my head when she hugged me. Someone rightly has said that kids are another form of God who can take your all worries away from your life.

And here the same happened to me she took away my all worries, negativity. I forgot the world around but as this monster couldn't see me happy. he showed his presence by pulling me out from my wonderland to reality by saying.

" Didn't you miss dada? " I heard his voice near my ears. this little kiddo giggled and jumped from my embrace to his waiting one.

" Thanks, dada for bringing mommy for me. I love you," she said and started to plant several kisses on his face.

Dada, means, he is the father of this little girl. if he is her father, it means he is already having a wife. Then why did he marry me? but these little kiddo words are saying another story.

So, the conclusion from my all mental debate is either his wife is dead or maybe she ran away or he never married anyone Or this kiddo is his one night result.

Eww eki! what the heck are you thinking!? stop all this stupid thinking.

" Dada! leave me. I want to sleep with mommy today " little kiddo said while pushing him on his shoulders so that he let her stand down on the floor.

" Not now Oni, My princess! look how tired your mommy is looking and you too are tired, come let me tug you safely in your bed " saying this he took her inside the house meanwhile me. I stood there silently not knowing what to do.

One thing is clear he adores his daughter and loves her with his life because I learnt it the way he holds her in his arms in protecting way and the man who never smiles. he smiled all the time while looking at his daughter.




Everyone went to their room without sharing any words with me, even not telling me where to go. They have ignored me like I am invisible to them.

I stood there myself waiting for him to come back. it's already midnight, the moon's absent in the sky making the night darker and chill. I hugged myself and sit down on the ground when tiredness and sleep started to boss over my consciousness.

I rest my head over my banding knees which were near my chest and snaked my hands around my legs with this I closed my eyes too lost in deep sleep.





Someone is trying to move my hands but I slapped that person's hands away and again consume back my sleep.

My body is swinging in the air *thud*.

I opened my eyes in pain when I felt a strong hit all over my body but especially on my head.

" Ahh " unconsciously I moaned in pain while rubbing my injured head in a sitting position. I looked before me.

" Ahh " I gasped in horror, shock when I found him kneeling before me and too close that our noise brushing, he is hovering over my body.

I moved my head back to which he moved more further to me with both hands on both sides caging me under him with anger, coldness, hardness in his eyes. his eyes are much scarier than his face.

He is having power in his pocket is a curse on people like me who can't do anything against him apart from witnessing themselves being destroyed by him.

His face didn't stop leaning over mine. So in protest, I pushed him and he fell beside me. I took it as an opportunity to save myself. Instantly, I got up only to fall by my front because he pulled my left ankle back.

Due to a fall, I got a serious injury in my nose and breasts as these two parts banged way too hard on the floor.

My head spun and everything became blurry before my eyes tears threatened to come out from my eyes.

" Ahhh " I hissed in pain in a low voice as air stuck in my throat when he suddenly pulled my hair back making my headband backwards blocking air in my lungs.

Tears slipped from my side eyes to run like a river from cheeks to my inner neck.

Anyhow, I stood on my feet when the situation confirmed to me that he has no mood to leave my hair from his clutch.

I took hold of his sinful hands and said " please leave my hair. you are hurting me ".

He only smirked and pulled my hair more backwards to make me cry in pain more. I closed my eyes in the process and due to this the tears which I had pushed back now slid down from my eyes.

I sniffed and again plead to him " please I am not lying, it's indeed painful. please show some mercy "

He pulled my hair more making my head go back with the pull while saying " it means to hurt you, dare to push me back again, the consequence will be more than this "

Meanwhile, I looked directly into his scary eyes to which he again pulled my hair to make me close my eyes in sudden pain.

" Lower your eyes girl before I pulled them out from their socket " he shout at me while biting his lower lip in an intimidating way which horrified me more than I was before.

I quickly closed my eyes, while shivering.

Only I gasped when I found myself flying in the air to hit the soft comfy bed under me. how could a human fly? Right? so we could fly for a short time only when we got a hard powerful push.

He pushed me hard so, here I am laying on the bed by my front.

I sense a movement behind me in quick action I turned to face what is it? He is coming to me while opening his belt causing my throat to go dry in nervousness.  He threw his belt Immediately when it opened then he opened his shirt's buttons while looking at me. I lowered my eyes in shame.

I heard his movements more sharply to know how much peaceful time I have in my life book.

I again moved my eyes to see he is only some steps away from me. his eyes caught mine.

" Lowered your eyes, you fucking trash!" he said while throwing his one shoe in my direction.

" Ahhh " I cried in pain while holding my injured face, yes his shoe hit me on my face.

It's so humiliating without caring anything, I did what I wanna do for the past few hours. my weeping sound filled the room. yes cried. I cried my heart out like a small kid.

By breaking down came to a stop when he pulled away from hands from my face and twist them behind my back.

" Dare you to cry in my presence. I will kill you after killing your complete family before you have these fucking eyes " he roared on me.

He left me and sit on the bed reclining his body on the head post with resting long legs one over another and closed hands before his chest. Eyes glued on me.

" So, let me show you your presence in my life. You need to follow some strict rules and I assume that you will stick to them without any words.

Rule no. 1:- you will come to my room daily after dinner and will wait for me in nothing over your body, not even inner garments.

Rule no. 2:- you will not say anything to my daughter means about us you will treat her like your own flesh. I will not bear any tears in her eyes. one tear from her eyes will cost one syringe of your blood.

Rule no. 3:- you are not allowed to come in my room except at night or only when I order you to come.

Rule no. 4:- you will never disclose the secret of our marriage in front of anyone, if anyone gets to know about it then you are enough smart to know what will come on your plate.

Rule no. 5:- you will never say no my any command and will live your life like my puppet without sharing any words. no cry, no pleading nothing.

Rule no. 6:- you are nothing but a minor maid in my life who will clean every mess of my life. Do your job from morning to dinner time as a housemaid. Do every work which my house butler assign you. one complain, the consequence will be a troubling one for you.

Rule no. 7:- as you are married to me, so, don't start to assume yourself as a part of this royal family because you will be kicked out from this family once I get what I want through you.

Rule no. 8:- for being my bed warmer, babysitter of my daughter and maid of my house, you will get your wages on every last day of every month.

Rule no. 9:- never look in my eyes, your eyes should be lowered whenever I or any family members around you or talk to you.

If you dare to cross it, will be punished in the worst way.

Rule no. 10:- you are not allowed to step out from this property without my knowledge.

Rule no. 11:- in future if I add more sections of rule in it you will accept them with no objection against it.



I think I have made everything clear to you. so what are you waiting for come do your job?

Come here my little slut! " he completes his words and at last, call me slut making me a bath in humiliation.

I tried hard not to break in sobs before him as it's already clear that I shouldn't cry in his presence if I do then will pay more unbearably.

I want my parents. I am just an 18-year-old girl but who won't get scared from all this.

" What the heck are you doing standing there ideally. come here I don't have the whole night to waste on you " he shouted at me hit me with a pillow.

I started to move my baby steps in his direction with thoughts ' no eki run from here, hit him on his head and run from here, kill him or kidnap his daughter for escape but he is more powerful than my imagination, he has my parents lived under his shoes. one wrong move from my side he won't hesitate before cursing their life under his shoes. If he wants to sleep with you then let him maybe you can win his heart through this but it's my first time and he is looking super angry. What if he hurt me? '.

" What are you waiting for? remove this crap from your body before climbing on my bed " he shouted again making me shrink in horror.

I think I am ready to pee in my pants, don't know from the past few hours how hardly I stop myself from doing so.

" I. I want to go the bathroom " I said in my low voice fighting my finger with lower eyes looking myself on marble.

" Why," he asked not having any idea what is cooking in his mind as I am unable to read his expressions as my eyes are glued to the floor.

" I need to pee, " I said normally.

" At your left, there is a bathroom go and come back in one minute," He said.

I ran inside and locked the door to search the toilet seat as the bathroom was itself massive one like his bedroom.

I did my business and before I even could take more calming breaths the door started to shake due to hard banging. I closed my eyes to let the left tears in my eyes run away.

I opened the door only to be manhandled by him. He again took hold of my hair in his to make my already messing nest like looking hairs n and fall straight in their length to touch my lower hips.

He moved back and wait for me to take action. first confusion rushed into my system. then it clicks me.

With shivering hands. I opened my pins from my saree and placed them on the table which was just two three-step away from me.

He to followed me and pulled my saree pallu to pull my complete saree away from my body. I hugged my naked self when I felt his cold eyes on my bare skin.

My breathing is already running at its peak with my all protest as my tears slide down from my left eye.

He came to me and pulled my hands away from my bare chest and waist but didn't leave them from his hotel.

His lips attack my neck to bite it, taste it, suck it, lick it. the gist of all this is, it was painful and unbearable.

His lips moved from my neck to upward to my face. He sealed his lips to mine as my eyes got opened in shock they came in direct contact with his. his eyes are filled with lust and pleasure nothing else.

I closed my eyes, to welcome everything that is coming today in my fate because I am not giving myself to him because I am helpless. I am ready to give him myself because he is my husband now and it's his right to touch me and I am not stopping him.






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