Chapter - 5

Ekiya's Pov.:-

I gulp down my stuck saliva from my choking throat. My body shivered more than before as their complete attention is now on me. Being the centre of everyone's attention out of blue is killing my all confidence to stand on my feet.

My body sweat like a pig and I zone out from reality wondering what will he do if I step into their luxurious royal breakfast having a moment.

My hand-pulled by someone pulling me out from my wonderland to reality. I saw Oni she is pulling me towards her chair but failing in it miserably since I am quite high in weight than her's.

I smiled at her cuteness when she huffed adorably not kissing victory in her efforts, her small pouting lips never stopped making my heart dance in love.

I am loving her like my own daughter!

*Throat clearing*

I heard someone has cleared its throat. I looked up to make eye to eye contact with my husband less devil!

He moved his eyes from his daughter to her chair and me to the chair beside oni's signalling me to sit and feed her with no further drama.

After getting his actions meaning I lowered back my eyes and moved to obey him.

I took her in my arms making her giggle and clap her hands in happiness. I put her on her seat and stood beside her seat not sitting on the chair.

I made her plate ready asking her preference for her breakfast. I filled a glass of milk for her.

She finished her eating with my hands and I gave her a milk glass to drink which she looked at it like it will drown her down in it. Her expression was so funny that I bite my lips not to break in laughter.

" Here drink it," I said to her holding milk glass in my hand to pass it in her hands.

Instantly, she refused to hold it by hiding her hands under the table and shook her head left to right in no.

" You want to become strong and big right! " I said to her expecting her to say yes but she shook her head in no.

Before I could ask her why she is saying no. She broke her silence and said in her cute baby voice.

" Mommy I want you to be with me always. I don't want anything else " she said with an upset face. Aww poor her she assumes me as her mother not knowing that I am not her biological mother. With this thought, I wonder where her mother is?

' Probably, your devil husband had killed her since he is so inhuman ' my brain suggest to me to which I hummed.

" I am always with you here. " I said to which she said " promise " showing me her pinky finger.

Without wasting any second I lock my small finger with her and said " pinky promise, I will be always there with you forever "

She danced in joy and tried to escape from me so that she could escape from milk.  From this, I learnt that she is stubborn and gives hard time drinking milk.

" Hmm, where do you think you are going, little girl? here finish this first only then you can leave your chair " I said her forgetting that she is the apple of the eye to my husband and my in-laws who are now giving me hard eyes for being little stick to Oni.

Oni made a crying face and tried to rush to her father but I hold her hand pulling her back on her seat to which I heard " leave her if she doesn't want it then let it be " I heard my mother-in-law's words.

Nevertheless, I didn't back off and showed her my full attention even narrowing my eyes at her. She gulped down her spit with a nervous smile and hold the glass in her hands. She eyes me first then at the glass.

with a shrinking nose in disgust, she put a glass side over her lips and gulped it down in one go.

" Done," she said with a crying face and to lighten her mood I kissed her forehead to bring her happy smile over her face back.

I help her in climbing down from her chair. She said goodbye to others with kisses.

I hold her hand in mine one and the other her school bag with a water bottle.

I placed her carefully on the back seat of the car and sit beside her to drop her at her school since she is pleading with me to drop her at her school.

Seating in the car was the toughest task for me because my feminine part cried in pain when I set on the seat. My intimate part is sore and reddish due to the previous night's rough sex.

However, the seat is comfy and soft but my condition is the one that is not coping with comfort.




I came back in hell after dropping Oni at her school. She doesn't go on the school bus like other kids because she has a history of having a fight on the school bus with her classmate over her seat. As we all know whose daughter she is so, her father hired a driver for her to drop and pick her up from the school.

As expected the ride with Oni to her school wasn't boring because on the way she explained to me about someplace which were her classmates' houses or her favourite park or her teacher house or something related to her favourite candy shop. However, back to home journey was all silent.

It's already eight something in the morning so, my next work is to clean every washroom.

I climbed down from the car when the driver stopped it in front of the entrance gate. I climbed on the staircase since the main door was already opened so I walk in to see no one is at home except the helpers' staff.

Since the head in charge of maid staff was shouting like ' Finish work early before the evening if master or mistress was here they would have fired you all for your laziness '. I understood I too should hurry to my work before coming into her eyes.

" Hey come here. Go in the cleaning chamber and take the things to clean rooms and washrooms " the head in charge said to me, literally shouting informally.

" Okay," I said but stopped when I realised that I don't know where it is?

" Excuse me can you please show me where is cleaning room chamber, " I asked help from one maid who was wiping the hall floor.

She nodded her head and showed me the way. I silently followed her. I looked around to remember the way as the mansion is quite massive to remember every corner in one day is impossible. We passed the living hall after that we came near the backyard area of the Singh residence.

She opened a door from where we went in an undergrounded hall which has everything,  whatever we need to live in our life, like from Grain to clothes, everything!

Clothes materials are stock here. ohhhh yaa my mother-in-law is a fashion designer so, it's probably her pieces of stuff stock here for her use.

Wine bottles are stocked here and in other breweries for part and functions.

" Here are the things which you need right now," she said showing me a chamber where cleaning kinds of stuff is placed.

I took one bucket, viper, brush, liquid to clean and mop.

" Thank you " I thanked her with a small smile which she returned and we both walked out.

First I walk into oni's room to clean her room. To my surprise, her room is not that messy. Therefore, I think it will take merely fifteen minutes.



I walk into my in-law's bedroom their room is the same all neat and clean. I changed the bedsheet with pillow covers. Some papers are laying on the table which has clothed new design sketches.

I looked at them and wondered how they can even draw their imagination on paper and made it real also.

" Focus on your work," I said to myself and placed the papers in a file. 




I walk into the devil's room. The first thing which hit my sense is his body odour in the air. The room is all silent and calm no trace of him but his odour is forcing my sense to believe that he is around me like he is looking at my every move but obliviously he is not at home so, he can't be here but I am not allowed to step in without his permission but that thing was as a wife but here I am a mere maid so, I am coming in only to clean his room.

Let me tell you. The room is all messy which was unexpected. I had thought that he will be a neat freak but he is worst than any child  The wet used towel is laying on the bed which has no bedsheet over it. Oh ya! I know why! My tears slide down from my eyes and I broke into silent sobs but didn't stop working.

I took out a new clean set of bedsheets to place it on the bed. with that, I changed pillow covers too. his black colour brief is laying in the centre of the room so, his other clothes also but the fact is that on different different places.

He is truly an animal because he was so in rush yesterday night that he had literally thrown his clothes wherever he felt like while taking them off.

I dumped all the dirty clothes out from the room through the washroom's one of the windows which lead them to the laundry room.

' oh god! What is he a five-year-old kid? His daughter is enough mature and disciplined to him ' my brain shout in my head after looking at the condition of the washroom.

The mirror before the sink is all wet like he had sprinkled the water over the glass after brushing his teeth or after combing his hairs or after washing his hands. The comb is also not at its place, a hairdryer is laying on the counter with a switch on. How lazy he is? he hasn't off it. The face wash is also open he even hasn't closed its cap. All the things which he has used either are opened or are not at their place. There is shower jelly on the floor. Even he hasn't closed the toilet seat after using it. The whole washroom is wet and completely in mess.

" This monster has no manners to be called as a human. Completely an animal. He is not even here but bullying me by his deeds " I screamed in frustration.

But still, I cleaned his washroom while weeping in the whole process since his room gave me back to back flashbacks of the previous night.

I walk into his closet " I will kill you someday you mental " I again screamed while pulling my hair in the process.

Because here closet is also messy. Ties are either laying on the floor or hanging out from their chamber while his shoes are laying out from the rack, his suit section is all messy because none is hanging in the wardrobe all are laying out on the couch. The only thing which is in place is his watches, socks and handkerchief.

I arrange everything in their place. His closet is as massive as his room which is bad for me as I have to clean it.





" Ahhh " I moaned in pain after finishing the cleaning of four rooms oni's, my in-laws, devil's and one room more which kind of looks like a meeting hall with a massive table in the middle and several chairs around it.

Other rooms were dusted by other maids for which I am thankful another wise either I would have been on my death bed or dead until now.

My body is dying in pain due to my namesake husband's yesterday night's deeds. I really need painkillers to kill my pain but no money in my hands so no painkillers and even if I had money then who would have brought painkillers for me since I am not allowed to go out without his permission.

I want to see my parents how they are? Have they gained their consciousness back? but the person who knows where are my parents and how they are? is not at home. He has gone to his work so, his parents also.

Without his permission I can't step out, my study, my dreams, normal life, everything is turned upside-down. I want to call my brother and tell him everything about the situation but his phone is not reachable. My heart is burning with emotions that I want to let out before someone and that someone is only my brother because only he can understand me.

I don't have another choice to accept my husband. it's the better option than witnessing the left things ruined before my eyes by him.

" I will ask his permission to see my parents today when he will come back," I said to myself and went to the laundry room.

I took iron in my hands and set the temperature and mode of the fabric in it to iron the clothes with optimum temperature.

There is a huge mountain of clothes for me to iron which made me frown in suspicion.

' Have they given clothes of the entire country for ironing? ' I wondered to myself.

My hands, legs, heck! My whole body is pleading to me to rest or take a nap or take some painkiller because it's having trouble coping with reality.

" Hey move your hand fast after that you have to clean the garden area also " shout the head maid on me after observing me being lazy in my work.

' what I had thought when I was in my twelfth standard that after passing out from school. I will study in the college to learn new things, will learn more about the world, life but see here what I am doing. Ironing clothes! I have never thought that life could be this surprising as mine ' I was lost in my thoughts and welcomed back by a cloud of smoke around my face.

As I am a normal human being so in the breathing process the smoke rushed into my lungs. I coughed while banging down in the process because my lower abdomen hurt when I coughed.

" Oh my! What have you done? " I heard an ear-bleeding scream before me. In a panic, I looked at the head in charge lady. She holds horrible expressions on her face with big socket like eyes glued to something before me.

My eyes chased her in eyes direction. I gasped in horror because here the shirt which I was ironing is now burnt and smoke is coming out from it.

I hurriedly removed the iron from it and closed it. To my horror, there is a big hole on the shirt of iron shape on the backside of the shirt.

Due to terror, I bite my lower lip to stop myself not to cry in front of the several people who are looking at me with horror-filled eyes.

" I... I am sorry... I don't have " I was apologizing to her when she cut me off.

" Do you have any idea whose shirt is it? and what you have asked for yourself? " She shouts at me with worry in her voice. Her words clearly show that she is tense for me.

" This shirt is master's shirt, the princess had gifted him on father's day. It was precious to him. Now only God can save you from his warmth! " Said the head in charge. Her each word marked in my head like my name. God! I am in deep trouble.

Sweatdrops ran down from my forehead to my side cheeks and soaked in my uniform after trailing down my neck while my skin burnt due to goosebumps over my skin. I don't know where to hide myself where he can't find me.

' oh god eki what have you done? ' my brain questioned to me in terror.

' can't you see yourself! I have cut my own legs ' I said sarcastically to my brain.

With crystal eyes, I looked down at the burnt shirt. it's a black coloured shirt with small small handprints of different different colours. Small hands assured me that they are Oni's handprints. Probably she had designed this plain black shirt into a colourful one by her handprints. No wonder why it's so special to him but now it's no use as I have ruined it.

I don't know from how long I was crying. I learnt about it when my teardrops fell on the burnt shirt. Hastily, I cleaned my face painting poorly.

' calm down eki! you haven't done it deliberately. it was an accident, not a full planned thing. so, calm down! yes, good breath in! breath out! ' my brain calmed me down.

I dumped that shirt on another side. Not knowing how to make it useful again. I consume my ironing work again because I don't have any marvel power to clean my created mess.




I sighed after finishing ironing. the head in charge came to me with a big bag and said " go and deliver these bags to their owners "

Meanwhile, I nod my head in agreement with small " yes " and took all the three bags from her hands.

" Driver will take you to the places. Every bag has its owner name's slips so, don't mix them with others okay. Give them to their rightful owner. Am I clear? " the head in charge explained to me carefully.

" Yes, I understand " I answered her.

I sat in the car which was waiting for me at the entrance, soon after fifteen minutes we came out from the Singh residence since its area is spread in high spectra.

I looked at the bags and I can smell something like food.

They have name slips, the first one is my mother-in-law's, the second one is my father-in-law's and the last one is devil.

Surprisingly, my father-in-law's bag is quite heavy than the rest.



" It's Mam's office, you have your card, right? " Asked the driver after parking the car at the entrance itself.

I looked down my neck yes a card is hanging down around my neck showing my identity over it.

" Yes, I have," I said showing that to him.

" With this card, no one will stop you. Mam's office is on the 4th floor " he said and opened the door for me.

I thanked him with a small forced smile that never is returned by him.

I walk in and security guards check my card and let me in. I looked around there are racks on which uncountable dresses are handing, some are on statues, some women and men are arranging the dresses either on racks or on statues.

I step into the elevator only to press 4.


Door opened. I stepped out only to lose in the beauty of the architecture of the place. it's shining like crystals.

I shook my head and went to the first lady whom I saw seating on the desk doing something on her pad. I looked at her to see she is editing the designs.

" Excuse me," I said to gain her attention.

" Good afternoon! how can I help you? " she asked me politely with a heart-melting smile which I returned not wanting to be rude to a good person.

" Good afternoon! I am here to deliver Mrs Singh's lunch " I said to which she showed me a room which was all silent with statues standing wearing clothes. I think these are for the coming runway.

I thanked my stars after confirming that Mrs Singh is not here.

I placed the bag on a table and walk out only to sit in the car.



As the car stopped at the next stop. I walk out of the car to see it's an old age orphanage. I saw my father-in-law seating in the garden area with other people taking a sunbath.

Don't want myself to again lose in wonder with the thought as a rich arrogant man like him, what is he doing here? I moved to him with a lower head.

" Good afternoon sir. Good afternoon " I wished everyone with a small nervous smile.

I placed their lunch on the bench which was vacant since the bag was so, heavy for me to carry continuously for this long.

My father-in-law didn't show any response but other senior citizens wished me back with blessings.

Looking at them I remembered about my father. it's brought tears to my dried eyes.




" Here is the last stop," said the driver in low voice but I heard him.

I slide out of the car and took the bag in my hands. Some guards stop me at the entrance to scan my I.d card, only after that, I was welcomed in.

I walk to the receptionist counter where four stunning young ladies seating doing their work. Among them, one is guiding an old woman the way where she wants to go meanwhile others discuss something with each other.

To get any one of their attention to me I cleaned my dry throat and said " Excuse me ".

" Good afternoon Ms. how can I help you? " Asked one of the women to me, giving me her complete attention.

" Good afternoon. I am here to deliver Mr Singh's lunch " I said to her to which she asked me to wait a minute.

She made a quick call after taking my name and said " sir Ms Ekiya is here to deliver your lunch should I let her in or not? ".

"   "

" Okay, sir ".

She wrote down something on the small paper and said while handing me that small paper " it's a password you need to fill in after reaching the 56 floors ".

" And the elevator is on that way " she again said showing me the way of the elevator.

I walk and step inside the elevator to press the 56 buttons. Soon I arrived on the floor but the door didn't open. it's asking for a password. I filled the password and *ping*

Wiping the sweat away from my forehead which is probably due to nervousness or fear I don't know. I walk out only to be welcomed by the sound of the keyboard. Someone is typing in so rush and anger that the poor keyboard is having a hard time continuing its key on their socket.

My ears chase the sound making me walk in an alley and turn to see there is three ladies are seating behind the desk trying something in their respective system.

I excuse one of them and said the same dialogue which I had said to the receptionist.

" Please, follow me, Miss," said the woman showing me the way.

Observing my surroundings which were so beautiful because the building walls are glassy letting me see the wonder out of the building. I followed her silently. She knocked on the door two times and said while opening the door for me " Mr Singh will see you now ".

My heartbeat popped high in my chest. I am having cold feet. My sixth sense is suggesting me run away from here and don't to dare to walk in. Nevertheless, I moved my feet inside the office lowering my gaze but they snapped up when I heard the sound of something banging on the table.

My eyes went from his hand which probably he banged on the table God know why? to his face. My eyes made contact with him. He is looking directly into my eyes giving birth to an unknown fear in my system, getting frightened with his dominating eyes I lowered them recalling I am not allowed to look up at him.

" Good .. good afternoon sir. I am here to deliver your lunch " I said lisping in my words because the way he is eating me alive with his eyes is taking everything in me to even stand in my sense.

He didn't say anything but lazily rest on his chair, leaning his back on his chair.

I can feel his burning eyes over my head drilling holes in my head.

Meanwhile me, I am ready to piss in my pants due to frightening. I closed my eyes to calm myself.

" Why did you burn my shirt? " I heard his hushed voice near my ears but behind me. In instant response, my eyes snapped open while my heart jumped into my stomach. Goosebumps arise over my skin feeling his hot breath in my neck. His close proximity is passing a shiver in my spins of unknown fear.

When did he walk here? A minute before he was seating on his chair across the table.

It's not the time to think this eki! Run from her before he bangs your head on the wall for ruining his special gift.

Automatically, my hold on the bag loosens causing it to fall on the floor with the small bang sound. Feeling his furious breaths behind me, my body is shaking in horror but still, I dare to do what I felt like good at the moment.

I turned in my heels and run, yes I ran out from his office, a lion's den while he was left behind only to grunt yet didn't yell or call me back and soon safely I arrived at the ground floor.

I was running out when one guard stopped me from going out.

" Excuse me Ms. it's for you," said that guard after blocking my way, showing me a cell phone to receive the words of the person who is on the line.

I was already in a hurry because I don't want him to catch me on the ground floor before in office people, therefore, not giving many thoughts to it I put the phone near my ear. My breath caught in my lungs when I felt the familiar person's presence over the call  I can hear his breaths, yes it's him.

I swallow down the sob of fright and said " hello "

" By running you have put yourself in a more deep mess. If you don't want me to punish you more then come back silently " I heard his calm voice but I know he is no near to being calm. His intentions are clear to me what he wants to do. I may be a teenager but not stupid to know what he wants now.

I am stuck here!




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