Chapter - 6

Ekiya's Pov.:-

I pass back the cell phone to its rightful owner and turned slowly with hanging low shoulder in giving up manner. Because I have to go back whether I want it or not!

" Okay, sir! " I heard the same guard's voice from behind. Suddenly, he rushed before me blocking my way.

In reflex, I looked up at him in questioning to which he said " mam let me escort you safely to master ".

Like I have a choice other than following him. Therefore, I just nod my head as yes and silently followed him.

We step into a different elevator this time. I think it's for staff yet it's massive like a room. The room in which I am staying is smaller than this elevator. He pressed his I.D. card over the screen and it scan it with that he presses the floor number. Only after that door closed and the elevator moved up.

After we arrived, he escort me the all way like a gentleman to the monster's office door. He even knocked on the door for me.

" Have a good day mam " saying that man disappeared from there, leaving me in my frightening thoughts.

' from my assumption, there is no more good day for me ' I said to myself and taunt was tracing my thoughts.

' is it my last day of life? Is he going to kill me? Is he going to punish me? how he is going to punish me? or how much I am going to face today? ' worry for my goods rushed into my system. Right now I don't demand anything just escape. I don't know what has taken over me but I just want to disappear from here.

' come on eki go inside before he lost him cool. You have already put yourself in his mad book ' with the last warning to myself. I push the door open and step inside.

The room is too calm and cold chill. My skin burnt due to goosebumps. My body can feel his intense gazes running all over me causing me to shudder. Don't know how but I dared to lift my head up and to my dismay, I made eye contact with him. He is standing just a couple of steps away from me with closed legs leaning his hips over the office table's side and hands-on his both side resting on the table.

He is shaking is one foot which is resting over the other. It's left to right moment giving an unknown warning to me. His dark furious eyes are glued to mine horror-filled and ultimately his lips formed an evil smirk.

Without my knowledge, my eyes ran over his appearance. Now he has removed his coat and vest. He is standing only in his white shirt with three upper buttons opened, showing his manly chest. Sleeves are rolled up above his elbows. The strong muscles of his hands with popping veins are showing that he is furious as he is clenching his fist from time to time.

He licked his lower lip and bite it. This act of his pulled me out of the shock and with that I lowered my head in realisation.

I flinched in terror when he suddenly cleaned his throat because the room was dead silent. Therefore, his throat clearing sounded like a bang sound in the pin-drop silent room. I fist my both hands together to stop them from badly shaking.

Like a predator, he walks to me and stood before me. He put his index finger at my forehead and ran it in slow motion to my side forehead to rest it over my side left cheek.

His this action was enough for my petty body to shake like a leaf and let the chill pass in my spins. As his warm finger ran over my cold dried skin. It gives heat to it. Later on, he put pressure on his finger after reaching my chin.

He squeezed my jaw after holding it in his hands and pulled my face up but I didn't dare to look up at his eyes. I continued to glue them low.

I sealed my teeth tightly so that I couldn't say or cry in pain in his presence, as his rules.

" Is it your bitchy way to seek revenge from me? You fucking ruined my shirt deliberately! " He hissed on me putting pressure on his finger which dig their nails in my chin and jaw flesh.

My tears ran down from the side of my eyes even my lips curled down with shaking in the process to weep out loud. But before I could break in the weeping mess he pushed me back as like my mere touch had made him dirty.

" Ahhh " I screamed in frightening later on, in pain when my body hit the centre table due to his sudden push.

My head has hit the vase which was placed on the table for decoration. For a while, I became dead, motionless and numb.

Pain hit my system when I attempt to get up from the table as I am laying over it. Only my legs are on the ground hanging down from the table.

He ambles to me only to drag down my body on the ground by pulling my left ankle. This merciless and grisly act put me in bewilder of ' How to save myself from him? '.

Currently, he is furious that the fire of his eyes can burn my body alive. My skin can feel the burning over it only by his angry stares.

I swallowed hard. My throat is dread in dryness. My neck muscles are twisting in a shiver.

He fastens my hair in his painful fist. My head is already in pain now he is putting salt over my injuries to make the pain unbearable for me.

In an attempt to save me from him I dared to hold his hand by my both hands to pull his hand away from my hair but his next words stopped me and forced me to lower my hands instantly.

" Dare you to touch me with your rotten hands you drain worm " he shouts at me in disgust. I felt so humiliated with his this comment. I felt shameful when he called me to drain worm. No, I am not that. I know I am poor in his eyes as money in my account can't even buy a small handkerchief for him. But he doesn't have any right to call me this low. Everyone deserves respect. At least if you can't respect anyone or can't give respect to anyone then please don't disrespect them either. It hurts more than you can imagine. I wanted to say this to him but no courage was there in me to do so.

He pulled my hair more. I fist my hands in the hope to bear the pain hanging them low. My tears didn't stop in my eyes.

" do you even know with how much hardship and dedication my daughter had designed that shirt for me " he screamed over me again and like a scared kitten I shrink myself more downward but he pulled me up by my hair.

My hair messy bun is now opened.

" .. I... I .. haven't ... done .. it .. knowingly... " I spoke in my tremulous voice which shows a lack of confidence in my sentence.

" Like I am gonna believe you! I know, you have done it with your open eyes! it's was fucking intentionally! " He again screamed at me.

" Please believe me! " I plead to him.

" Who are you to me? Why should I believe in you? Huh? You are just an outsider who is a low life with no use except one thing and you know it better than anyone else " He said insulting me. His words stab my heart to bloody.

"  I don't know how to make you believe it but this is the truth. " I spoke in my broken voice as the way he is looking at me and the look he is giving me are terrifying me.

" I think your tongue has forgotten its place, like when to speak! Where to speak! And How to speak Around me! It's forgotten to be sealed tight inside the mouth around me! " He said in his calmed voice, same calm before the storm.

" I think to tie it on its place. I should do something. Probably, cutting the oxygen mask or " he was saying more but he stopped when I fall onto his feet and hold them beg him my parent's life.

" No .. no .. please don't pull my parents in it ... I... I ... " I was pleading to him while holding his legs when he said, "I don't want to hear it, say the truth ".

I swallowed hard and said, " I was ironing and then I don't know how but I drown into my thoughts so deep that I burnt it but I haven't burnt it intentionally. All was just an accident or you can say it was my carelessness  ".

" Tak tak tak. Again lie. I think you don't love your parents. huh! " He said pulling my hair attempting to pull me up. But I being terrified with his words stayed glued to his feet.

Eki! No matter how many times you will say the truth to him. He won't be going to believe you. Just accept whatever he has assumed about you because in his eyes his assumption is the only truth.

" I .. admit... I .. .. I .. have .. done .. it intentionally! ... Please don't do anything to my parents .. please! " I accept what he wanted me to do but that was not the truth because that was an accident.

" See that was not hard," he said proudly while patting my upper head like he patting his dog's head.

See how easily he believed that I am saying the truth. When I told the truth, he considered it a lie and when I told a lie, he considered it to be true. Strange! Isn't it. If he has a trust issue then how come he can trust my life and not my truth.

" You can punish me in any way you want but please keep my parents away from all this. They both are already on a hospital bed " I wept to rest my body over my knees and palms.

" Get up! " His dominating voice boomed inside the whole room putting tape over my sobs. I quickly stood on my feet with a down head. Fisting my hands before me resting them low I bite my lower lip.

" No water! No food till the next day to tomorrow " he said pushing me back. I stumbled on my feet in the reaction due to his uninvited push.

His words ringed in my head and brought tears to my eyes. I am fine with not having food but how will I spend three days without water?

" Serve me but before that wash your hands you bagger! " he screams over me in disgust pulling me out from my debating self. Without any word or we can say pleading I silently walk inside the washroom.

I washed my hands in a hurry without looking around to get any glimpses of the luxurious restroom. Later on, I served him his food calmly as he was standing near his office table away from me while talking to someone over the phone.

His expressions are hard and unreadable for me. Suddenly he smirked looking in my direction making me pull down my eyes in the rush of fear.

I like an obedient maid stood at a side of his food table, waiting for him to sit and have his food quick so I can fly from this unwanted place.

After cutting his call he placed his cell over the table and came in my direction to sit over the couch to have his food.

He started to eat slowly. No matter how hard I tried not to look at the food but you know it's in human behaviour. When you are starving. Your senses because more active and excited than they should be. Like your nose can smell food from miles. Your mouth filled with your salivary juice when you saw someone eating before your eyes. Throat aches to swallow food down it. Eyes glued to only its target which is one and only food. Ears can hear the munching sound of food getting grind in someone's mouth. The conclusion is you drool over the food like years starved person.

So, the same thing is happening I am literally drooling like a hungry wild cat over the food which is right now present before my eyes. My cheeks are squeezing releasing a huge amount of saliva in hunger.

But my poor fate. It's not mine. It's not for me! I swallowed hard when I saw him eating the last morsel of the food.

He got up to clean his hands meanwhile I just stood there looking at the empty plates. Nothing is left in them.

' eki see curry is left in plates and other plates also have leftover although it's little but still you can lick them before he comes back. He wouldn't know ' this humiliating thought came across in my head and I shook my head rapidly, feeling ashamed of myself for getting such desperate thoughts.

' No! I wouldn't do it. I am not his dog or puppet and my condition is not that much vulgar to lick his leftover. No matter what will happen I won't do it! Never! ' I said to myself.

' but I am feeling like to cry. I want my maa papa ' I screamed in my head in frustration. While cleaning the table with tissue because this manner less has no manners to eat food without spilling it out from his plates. There was the stain of curries, soup, rice over the table so I had to clean it also.

While being lost in my thoughts I packed back the empty tiffin and got ready to go after dumping the used tissues in the dustbin.

At the same time, he too came out from the bathroom.

I bowed to him while saying " have a nice day sir " that's it, saying this I turned in my heels with relief in my veins, that now I can breathe freely without any pressure over my lungs.

" Where are you going woman? did I dismiss you already? " He asked me putting a mountain over my lungs blocking my breathing in air pipe. Only by his murderous dominating scary voice, he is capable enough to chock me to my death.

Gathering guts, I turned to him. He is still standing near his office table. With one hand in his pocket and the other is on the table balancing his body. He is standing lazily leaning his body weight over his table resting his hand.

He is looking intimidating. I swallowed hard.

" Are you deaf! " he said sarcastically making me bite my lower lip to stop myself from weeping.

" No .. no sir! " I stammered in my answer.

" I... I mean .. neither I am deaf .. nor .. you .. dismissed .. me " I cleared my words while stammering in process.

" Come here, your work is not over yet " saying he again sits on the couch with legs spread wide.

I amble to him in my limping steps as it's been too long for me to be standing continuously. Now my legs are aching. It's not like my legs are weak but the way this man who is seating before me currently has stretched, pulled, slapped, bite, twist my legs at previous night for his better access while running in me is the result of my aching legs.

" On knees! " He commands while looking at my face.

I gulped down my spit down my throat in terror but still, I obeyed him since I am in lack of better options.

" Open it " he again commands me while tapping his index finger over his belt's metal.

I shivered unknowingly because I don't have any idea now what is going to come in my book. With shaking sweaty hands I unplugged his belt to lose it around his waist.

" You know what you have to do next," he said with a smirk plastering over his lips as I took a quick glance at his face to see is he serious!?.

' what do I have to do? ' I screamed in my head in a panic because my every move will decide my further coming life span and if I wouldn't do what he wants me to do then I will find myself in trouble in the next moment.

Like if I do as he wants me to do then I can go back without any pain and if I didn't do as he wants then next moment I will be in the deep ocean of misery. See he is my life writer like has a magical pen to write my horoscope. What he writes in my life book that will happen for sure!.

" Do it fast " he said in his husky voice which ran his finger down from my cheeks to the neck. Meanwhile, I just shivered holding tightly his belt to suppress my frightening.

I can hear my pounding heartbeats in my ears with that uneven fast boosting inhales and exhales of air.

His finger reaches near my right boob. He tap his finger over its hard nipple and pinched it.

" Ahhh " I screamed in pain and pleasure both. His this sudden action has stopped my breathing in my lungs and my heart shook rapidly in its ribcage in terror. Meanwhile, in shock at his sudden action, my head automatically moved down burning in the middle of his legs but my head is not touching him as his legs are agar opened making a quite large empty space in between them.

He moved his that hand in my hair to run his fingers in a sensual massaging way. I felt relief and pleasure. I closed my eyes enjoying him.

" Ahhh " I hissed in pain when he fasten his grip on my hair painfully and slapped my left cheek with his other hand.

" What are you waiting for? Do it fast! " He again said while rubbing his bearded right cheek over my right cheek while sniffing my hair in the process.

" I... I .. don't .. know what you are saying master " I mumbled in my low voice.

He moved back running his both hands fingers in his hair to comb them.

Next things happened so fast. I just looked at him with wide eyes. He opened his pant and pulled out his little monster out from his briefs gap.

He pulled my hair in his left hand with other he held his shaft. He brings my face near his cock.

" Lick it first with your tongue and with hands moving in this way," he said in his lustful husky voice while pulling my hands over his shaft, guiding my hands with his after leaving my hair and teaching me how to do it. He ran my hands up and down in rhythm, moving his shaft's foreskin with my hands' movement sometimes. He even moved his hands in a circling way like twisting them with light squeezes.

His fastening breaths fanned my face making me hide my face from his eyes.

The moment my hands made contact with his length which felt like a hot metallic rod in my cold sweating hands. I shudder.

" Here lick it," he said after leaving my hands and pulling his length over my mouth in the meantime pushing my back of the bead forward to push me near his length. My hands are dead to move an inch my fingers and they are still around his cock. Right now I want to die. Because the humiliation I am facing right now is unbearable. To escape from this humiliation death is the only option that is coming into my head.

He forced his length tip over my sealed tight lips " open up your this fucking mouth for me to fuck it! if you don't want me to lose my mind the fucking obey me " he screamed at me.

I stopped my wiggling and submit by opening my lips. He put the tip inside my mouth gagging me in discomfort and disgust.

" Kiss it and lick it, " He said and I did the same. I followed his every command. " Don't you dare to bite me in process" he warned me before pushing his length after a short short brake to lubricate his length with my spit. Soon he pushed his complete length in my mouth to make me gag at the start itself.

I don't have the strength to cry. So, I just forced myself only to concentrate on it and finish it quickly because I have the whole day to cry later on.

He picks up the speed. He is moaning " I have never thought that your hot mouth could be this much pleasuring "

" Just like that, Oh god! "

" Uhmmm fuck "

These were some of his words meanwhile I, my eyes are wide open as much as they could, his every push gagged me making it impossible for me to breathe. My throat is hurting.

He took my hair in his both hands. With that, he pushed my head forward at the same time pushed his hips forward towards my mouth.



After like decades finally, He released his semen in my mouth.

" swallow it down! Dare you to skip any drop of it! " He said in warning way and being helpless and forced at the meantime. I swallowed it.


" Now fuck off! " He said kicking me back like trash.

At this moment his words didn't break me because I too wanted this  I took the bag in my hand and ran out without caring about my vulgar state.

I stood in the elevator which has glass around it. I saw my reflex in it, disordered dress, nest-like hairs, swelled wet red eyes, crimson puffed face. I am looking like a bagger or like a Strom has strick to me.

I made a messy bun of my hair and dust my dress adjusting it properly.

Soon I reach the car, after reaching some distance I signalled the driver to stop the car in sign language. Taking a water bottle in my hand. I climbed down and at the safe side away from the road. I vomit my gut out until I felt satisfied.

I washed my face, cleaned my mouth with water and drank some too because he won't know about it. As there is no one who can tell him about it.

All this vomit and all took my leftover energy but somehow I sit in the car and slept in it like a dead woman.





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