Chapter - 8

Ekiya's Pov.:-

After washing dishes , not before eating my dinner secretly without coming in anyone's eyes and I am not ashamed for it , I am doing work all day like a pig so , it's obvious to be starved so , I couldn't control my hunger and end up stuffing myself .

And one more thing , if I work this much in any restuarant or in any villa then I will be rewarded with food at least .. so I earn three time food since I am working here .

And about the punishment , so for that he should know about my disobey , and here is no one witness who cab complain about me to him ..

' smart ass ' I praised myself

I walk in hall to go in my husband's room as I have to go there .. despite the fact that I don't want to go .

Whole villa is all pin drop silent only hall clocks second hands click-clock sound can be heard in whole dead silent hall .

It's literally looking like a complete horror movie set-up , where any moment , from no where any ghost can jump on me .

This silence giving me a bad vibes like telling me with it's silence that something unpleasant is going to happen ... I sigh because apart facing it alone i can't do anything .

And I going in my evil husband's bedroom so assume there is nothing more unpleasant than warming his bed .

I swallowed hard when I arrived before his bedroom door , I knocked several times but after getting no response for so long , I twist the knob of the door's handle only to stop on my steps as my mind is telling me to run back where he couldn't find me .

As like I want to come in , I also want to run far far away yet I am not doing it because I am helpless , reather to accept it I don't have any choice .

Room is frightening me with it's darkness plus silence .

Nevertheless I still walk inside .. room is all silent , no trace of him ... I sigh in relief and thank my god for that .

But I think I thanked my god in rush because in the very next second door opened and closed with a hard push making a bang sound .

I jolt in horror since I was already afraid of him and his actions making me to pee in my pants in horror .

I didn't turn to look at him , I stayed in my same place as before , back facing him ....

Yet I can hear his calm slow steps , making my ears to sting in electrical sensation , my heartbeats pick up in high rhythm so as my breathing ..

" Why are you standing like a modest girl , go and shower first , you are stinking " he said in my ears after smelling me over my neck .

Without any word I walk in bathroom only to discard my clothes on a chamber and stood under the shower .

I moaned when warm water fall on my body giving heart treatment to my aching sore muscles ..

I took towel to clean water away from my body after a quick shower because the more quick I will be free from him the more time I will get to rest ,... I was drying myself when I heard his footsteps , I look at his direction with lowering eyes to see his foot's are near to mine .

He threw the towel away from my body , he drag me by clutching my bicep .

I gasped when he threw my body like a paper in air , but I fall on bed for which I mentally thanked my god .

He fasten my wet messy hairs in his hold only to yank them backward due to this my face moved upward and I found myself standing on my foot .

Without any delay and warning he attack on my lips with his , his tongue is wandering in my mouth like it has got free vacation rentals and it has planned to stay in my mouth ..

I am breathless and he is not leaving me ... It's like he is tasting every corner of my mouth  .... after making me dizzy he finally left my mouth .

My pant hard to intake huge about of air in my starving lungs .

As my head is foggy due to lack of oxygen I am looking at him so he is also doing the same but his expressions are hard with evil smirk on it like he got something interesting by which he can entertain hisself .

It made me confuse and frighten at the same time ..

He snake his hards around my naked waist signalling my dead sense that I am standing all naked before his hungry eyes meanwhile he is all dressed in his casual lower with t-shirt .

I became conscious for being naked before his eyes ...

He rubbed my lower lip then ran his index finger's tip over my jaw line like he is trying to remember it in his head to sketch it on paper .

He gave a quick peck on my chin while looking at my eyes not letting me lower them ..

" Even after my warning you dared to stuff your stomach and water in your dread throat .. ! " He said with no doubt in his words and voice , like it's confirm to him that I have eaten despite being in punishment .

' How did he know ? .. ' my head screamed in panic .. ' think for a neck braking lie to make him believe on you ' my brain suggest .. but it's not working ..

Don't forgot who is standing before , he is the great Girik Singh who you can't fool , to think that you can fool him means you are fooling yourself .

" I ... I .. " no word came out from my mouth as I couldn't form a perfect lie since his eyes were already challenging me to dare to lie to him ..

I yelp in pain when he squeezed my jaw like a lemon in his hand ... I clenched my fist tightly not wanting to hold back his hands to free myself , because if I do that then next moment I will found myself in the deep ocean of unbearable misery .

He settle hisself on bed with legs hanging down , he pulled my body to him in that manner to make me settle on his lap by my stomach , back facing him ..

He ran in hands in sensual way on my back , making a jolt shiver ran down my spins , I closed my eyes enjoying his cold hand running on my sore back making it warm due to building spark sensation over it .

My brain disconnect the connection from the word to lost in some other word where I don't have anything to think and worry apart my back and his running hand over it .

His other hand hold my shoulder giving light light squeeze it in alternate manner .. I buried my head in bed breathing heavily .

Suddenly his hand ran downward from my back to my butt cheeks , he made round round circles over them by his same index finger .

My body shivered when his finger started to tickle my butt cheeks with their round round motion .. he pinched them with his hands making me to suck my deep breaths .... My mouth open ajar .

Suddenly I felt a burning pang sensation with slap sound .. I moaned in shock ..

" Ahh " I moan when he again slap me on my other butt cheek ..

" Fucking dimwit are not you ? " He said and *spank* .

" Ahh " I moaned continuously with his every hit on my butt cheeks , I even squeezed my legs don't know why ?  ..

" Count out loud " he command while caressing my butt cheeks .

" Yes sir " I said holding my breath with moving my head up so that I could voice out  .

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 1 .. "

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 2 .. "

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 3 .. "

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 4 .. "

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 5 .. "

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 6 .. "

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 7 .. "

*Spank* ... " Ahh .. 8 .. "

My tears ran out from my eyes when force of his every hit increased ... My feminine part started to squeeze for what I don't know but it's burning in need for that .

*Spank* *Spank* *Spank* *Spank* *Spank* *Spank* *Spank* *Spank*

*Spank* *Spank* *Spank* *Spank*

" Hmm .. aoo .. 20 " I said breathing heavily while my legs were shaking .

Something is running out from my feminine hole , it's wet .. ohhhh no I can't hold it anymore whatever it is .

After 20 spanks , he stopped as his man ego satisfied , he ran his hands over my now completely burning numb butt cheeks ..

" I hope you will remember it before crossing my orders to disobey me " he said while running his fingers in my wet hairs .

" Hmmm " I moaned in pleasure when he squeezed my sore hot butt flesh ... My head is in other land where I am feeling bliss .

Suddenly my mouth agape open when his middle finger filled my vagina .. my walls in reflex caught his finger to suck it with continuous contraction and relaxation .

I felt vacant , angry , frustrated when he withdraw his finger out the same moment when he entered it in .

" Fuck .. you enjoyed it .. you are freaking wet .. your hole is dripping wetness " he said while running his fingers over my feminine lids .

His these words put sense in my horny mind , my body became rigid in his hold when realisation hit me .

This humiliation is enough for me to die .. ' oh eki what have you done ? .. don't you have your own self respect ! .. ' my brain chide on me for being foolish .

' But that was not in my hand , body reacts in this way , you can't control it even though all these reactions control by brain ' I defend myself infront of my brain .

I again gasp in surprise when he suddenly enter his same finger taking me off guard as he was roaming it over my feminine part . He start to run his finger in slow-motion making me to bite my lower lip with deep breaths .

My body is trembling , so my heart ! .. I don't know how long I am going to keep myself in my sense , I don't want to lose them .

But this man making it next to impossible for me , since his finger increase its running pace .

" Aoo " I broke in moan again when he add one more finger in me ..

I close my eyes tightly with lips seal in the middle of my teeth .

I clenched my fist grabbing the bedsheet in my clutch like it will give me support .

I bury my face into the mattress so that my voice hide in it ... My legs twist when I felt a pressure in my womb walls ... my body is trembling in his hold like a fish who is out off the water .

But everything lost somewhere when he withdrawal his finger out from me , not letting the buildup sensation whatever that was to burst out from me .

I felt like to cry or hit him in the middle of his legs for making me needy first then leaving me in the middle not giving me the thing which I wanted .

" Hahaha " he chuckled over my face as I moved up to look at him when he suddenly withdraw his finger out .

He is enjoying whatever he saw on my face , my tears walk out from my eyes , I don't know for which thing I am crying but I want it so badly .

He push me and i fall hard on the floor like a ball .. I twist one side to other when pain shoot in my system .

" Next time dare to cross my words consequence will be more horrible than this " he said looking at me with his smug face .

" I am sorry " I apologise not knowing how to save myself from him .

Next moment I found myself on the bed again with him over me ... Touching our forehead .

" On knees " he said and stood before the edge of the bed while I was on my knees over bed before him  .

Again history repeat , he asked me same thing to do which he had done in his office ..

" What are you looking at ? Give me blowjob ! " He command when he saw me looking at his length with horror as my throat went dread not wanting to go more sore .

" Huh " I breath in confusion not knowing what he want ' blow job ' .. what does it mean , do I have to blow on his member or what ? And what job I have to do .. I am already doing every work in this house except cooking what more he wants .. my kidney ! ?

" Do it the same way you had done at my office ! .. and it's called blowjob .. stupid ! Inexperienced teenager " he yell on me while running his finger in my hairs and pulled them in the end .

I didn't said anything further because this blowjob is new word for me and it's meaning literally blow out my brain . So , I  did as he said .. while doing it , I mentally pray to the god to not let him release his semen in my mouth , I can't swallow it .

If I do then all the food which I have eaten will burst out from my mouth and his room will be messy since I can't go out from his room until he say so .

At the same time I can't control myself from puking in disgust .

His dirty words never stop .. they also make my eyes dread in the lack of tears .

My ears are burning due to his humiliating comments .

" Suck hard girl "

" Ya just like that "

" Ya give daddy his release slut "

" Fuck you slut "

He munch his dirty words meanwhile I just closed my eyes but my ears are open so they are hearing his every dirty words .. can't blame anyone except my helplessness  .

Soon he came in my mouth ...

" Swallow it " he said while holding my hairs .. I did ..

" Fucking sexy " he said while roaming his finger over my closed lips looking at my throat as I swallowed it down  .




That's it ..

" What the heck " he yelled on me but I don't have control on it as my puking marathon will not stop until I empty my gut out .

I came back in my sense after puking with the fullest heart , I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand ..

I observe around me to see he is standing near the bathroom door far from me attacking on me with his furious firing ball stares  .. while I have puked on his bed , on carpet which was near his bed .. some splashes on side table .

' I did not even eat as much as I vomited ' I said mentally to myself after looking at the mess which I have created .

Realisation hit in , that I have vomited where and whose room .. now for sure without any second thought he will kill me today .

He rush to me to pull me with him , I thought he will kick me out from his room but he didn't .

We both stood under the shower ... " Wash me " he command dripping irritation in his words .

I looked at his chest to lower body where I saw the art which was created by non other than me .. he is all drench in my vomit .

Even after trying hard I laugh out loud and without any delay here come it's reward " ahh " I hissed in pain when he twist my hand behind my back brushing his front body to my front .

" Sorry " I mumbled in my low voice and took Spong in my hand to wash him ..

" Fuck you and your sorry " he yell on me ..

" Fucking bitch , don't know how to please her man " he mumbled under his breath yet I heard him .

' her man ? .. you are not mine you sick bastard ' I scream in my head .

" Why the fuck you puke ? And how dare you to create mess in my bedroom " he again yell on me when I brush doing over his chest after cleaning it with water .. and I wonder how come he never broke in coughing wherever he yell , he has strong throat so his body .. buildup in strong muscles .

" I . I .. . I am sorry , I couldn't swallow that so , in disgust all that happened " I said him in rush without knowing what I have said to him .

" Really so my release disgusts you .. you know how many women want to be at your place ! ... And here you fucking disrespecting me ! " He again yell on me ... My heart beats are already on the verge and his continuous yelling are putting it to run on more high due to horror .

" I have never done it before .. never had any boyfriend or friends who talk about such stuffs .. it's completely new for me ... I don't know how to make you understand it's hard for me " I tried to explain him .. but he clutched my jaw only to twist it in his hands .

" Ohhhh really it was new for you ... I don't think so , you were moaning like a trained slut a few moments before been I was fingering you " he said ..

I buried my face in my hands and kneel down on the bathroom glass floor , I cry like a baby without carrying of his presence .

" Stop crying like a child and clean this message which you have created .. fuck this stinking ! .. clean it before I make you lick it ! " He scream on me again getting panic due to my vomit stinking .

' this man .. he is so cruel , not even letting me to cry in peace ' I said to my brain so that it could complain about him to god .

After washing him , I wash myself and clean my mouth as it was stinking , I used other toothbrush to brush my teeth .

Meanwhile he stood under the running shower to calm his raging nerves as he was so angry on me due to my puking stunt .

I wash my face standing before the sink .. he too came behind me .. I look up after washing my face in the mirror , he is looking at me while stroking his length to stood it hard .

Lust is clearly visible in his eyes so on his face ... We both have a huge age difference but despite the fact he doesn't give any head to it .

At least he should be little patience and gentle but no these words he never saw in his vocabulary .

I closed my eyes when I realise that it's not finish here ... Without any warning he kick my one leg to make me stood with spread legs .

He position hisself with slapping my both butt cheeks making the heat again build up in me ..

I hold the sink tightly when he spread by locks with his hands to bury his length in me in one go .

I hissed in pain but soon after some pull and pushes it turned pleasurable .

My grip losing on the sink as his pace increasing with every back forth moment .

My eyes are semi close but I can see his expressions in mirror which is before the sink since we both are standing before the sink ... He is lost in his word .

He grab my biceps from behind to make my butt locks stick to his goin reason like a second skin ..

I fall on the floor when he removed his grip from my hand after filling my womb with his semen .

He again pull me to him and buried his length in my back hole gently nevertheless I hissed in pain ...  and it continued till we both lose our energy in all possible positions which can be done in bathroom ..

He walk out from the bathroom leaving me before the bathtub without looking back at me not even a single glance and without any word  ...

Same like yesterday , this used , thrown like a used tissue paper , unwanted , unwelcomed all these feelings which he is giving me are unbearable for me .. this much humiliation I can't stand but my hands are tied in helplessness , its making me to cope here with him in this poor condition .

One by one tears fall out from my eyes but this time I let them fall free not wiping them .

I lay on the floor being exhaust with all the sexual activity , my body is numb and battered .. sticky wetness coming out from my holes ..

Today he took my back hole's virginity also , it's paining now .

But it's not that much killing , as much I am dying with the humiliation and shame , j am ashame on my own act .. in when the intimate activity I moaned like a shameless crappy woman .

I got up and cleaned myself .. I wore my clothes to walk out .

I arrived in ground floor limping in slow motion where suddenly someone pulled me back .. " ahhh " I screamed in horror but my mouth sealed tight by the person's hand who has pulled me back .

I saw my husband is standing before me with worried expressions over his face ...

His scared looking face is new for me , and I forced to wonder what it could be to make him scared .





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