Chapter - 13

Ekiya's Pov.:-

" Did Girik does his investigation again ? " I heard my father's question .

after hearing his questions my brain push aside my confusing thoughts like why Girik married to me reather than putting me behind the bars ? it's not like I am his culprit , he is mistaking me with someone else but my curiosity which running my brain more active than normal which we human have common . .. my brain ran in flashback to recall all the things happened to me from my home to admitting my parents , to my marriage to my current life .

I closed my eyes to push back tears , I don't want to say truth to my father right now but I have to because to hide one truth I have to say hundred lie but even after that truth will come out in unexpected way and I don't want it , so , it will be better if I spell truth .


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