Chapter - 18

Author's Pov. :-

Ekiya's eyes zoom on only on girik's tight grip over leather belt which he is stretching .

Assuming all the possible bad scenary in her head ekiya swallowed hard with sweat drops over her forehead . Her chest is vibrating seems like her heartbeats at peak due to horror .

On the other hand girik hold belt's buckle while strap hang in air . He moved his hands up to down , slapping it's strap in air which bring strong voice cutting air around it .

" Ahhh " ekiya screamed holding down her head , dropping on floor as her legs couldn't cope up anymore balancing her body .

Scaring ekiya more than before , girik walk slowly to her with slow yet strong steps . His boots made strong sound with floor putting ekiya's heartbeat at high pitch , frightening her more and more .

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