Chapter - 20

Ekiya's pov.:-

" Done whoring around! " he taunts causing his brother's words to replay in the background of my head, reminding me about the consequences of eavesdropping.

' God! One more evil in my life. Why? ' I screamed killing girik's brother in my head.

" What? " Not knowing how to respond I just spell what.

" I haven't done anything with anyone. I just did my given task " I told him with shivering lips since his cold fire burning eyes burning me alive.

" Then what the heck you were doing with my brother inside the washroom? " after hearing this question realisation knock in my sense regarding the hidden motive of his brother's.

He knew it if I walk back late then girik will doubt on me with him that's why he ordered me to come back after some minutes.

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