Epilogue - 2

Ekiya's Pov.:-

Two years later:-

" Vehant! Get ready fast or we will miss your sister's play " I yelled from the kitchen on the landline to his bedroom as he is still not up became of yesterday both father and son watching a movie late at the night.

" I am up Mom and already ready " a voice came from near the kitchen door. Turning to the person I put my hands on my waist and yelled " Vehant! Stop troubling me and get ready fast into something decent. We are not going to any fancy show where you can go in your spiderman costume "

Kicking his leg on the floor showing his stubbornness he left the place to share for sure because if he not then I will not take him with me which he knows for sure. I finished my kitchen work quickly as I was making cookies which

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