Chapter 23

Nerezza's Point of View

I had put the awkward moment with Reginald out of my mind. Carried on as if nothing was wrong. It was Farren's seventeenth birthday today. The day she was able to find her mate. Fall in love and let the world blossom around her.

For wolves, this was a great milestone. It meant she was done being a child. Stepped into the world as an adult now. Her high school career was almost over as well, ending in just shy of two weeks. Things were starting to look up for the young girl.

After many trials and tribulations, we had made it this far. From homeless to living in the royal palace. None of it would have ever happened if it hadn't been for Farren encouraging me. Standing by me when the world was burning. Her strength pulled me through losing Conan. Losing Priamos.

The sun was barely over the horizon when I slipped out of bed. Padded on silent feet to the door to our chambers. The maids had left a small but stun

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