Chapter 25

Nerezza's Point of View

I walked in before Farren. Came face to face with a gawking crowd. As all their eyes turned to me, I schooled my face into neutrality. Made them all believe that I was above them. Better in every way. The room was silent whilst I walked in. 

Scanning the room, I came up short. Reggie was there with Beatrice. Even Harold was deeper into the ballroom. But Reginald was nowhere to be seen. As always, he would make a late entrance. Yet, that small comfort wasn't enough for my shriveling heart.

Between Priamos calling and Reginald and I having a small fallout, it felt like my soul was on fire. Burning into ash faster than I could put it out. But I had to keep a straight face. Pleasantly smile when I needed to. Murmur some encouragement when it was appropriate and above all, I still had to maintain my dominant air. This was Farren's day and if one person spoke out of turn, they would face my wrath tenfold.


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