Chapter 26

Reggie's Point of View

Nerezza had crossed a line. From concubine to the next prospective queen. The little whore was climbing up the ranks faster than I could get rid of her. A peasant roaming around in the halls of a palace. How pathetic. To make matters worse, everyone now thought the royal family was sponsoring a low-life girl from a broken background. The sister-in-law of a cheap slut.

Our reputation was tarnished. Trashed. There was no coming back from this. Not whilst they still paraded around inside these halls. 

Taking my mother's place beside my father wasn't an option for the bitch. Not when I had something to do about it. Her little views of how a kingdom should be run were warped. Too expansive. A kingdom needed a strong and ruthless leader. Not some backward system concerning rights. For decades, the rich became richer whilst the poor dissolved into nothingness. It was just the way things ran. It was a perfect system

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