Chapter 27

Nerezza's Point of View

The party had gone better than I had first thought. After our little affectionate display, the crowd had dispersed with one glare from Reginald. None of them spoke of the incident for the rest of the night. Only smiled and laughed when appropriate.

But even with the public display, no one treated me differently. Hell, not even Reginald. We kept a respectable distance from each other. Exchanged heated glances. And that was the end of it. There was still a standard to uphold. Even if the entire ballroom could hear him say how much he loved me. How I was his secret to be loved in the dark.

His revelation had brought goosebumps to my arms. So much for not stealing Farren's light for the evening. Not that the girl seemed to mind. She had a gorgeous dark-skinned girl on her arm. Both looked happy with the other's company. They often danced together when the music grew more upbeat. Giggled at some ladies when they threw

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