Chapter 57

Amadeus' Point of View

She was stunning. Her legs dangling from the edge of the bath. Black curls falling over one shoulder. Green eyes looking straight into my soul. There was no denying it. Nerezza was the most perfect woman I had ever met.

Then she hit me with that little fact. About having another mate. The first one, as she had said. I could hear air wheezing through my clamped teeth. The air around me grew cold. Freezing. As my blood boiled on.

Secrets would be our greatest downfall. Secrets and arrogance.

"When were you going to tell us about him?" I ask. My voice sounded incredibly small. Fragile. I gripped the sides of the bath hard enough that I was sure pieces of it might break off.

Nerezza flung her head sideways. Blocked herself off from me with her hair. I wanted to reach forward. Move it out of the way so that I could see her brilliant eyes again. I refrained. Bit my bottom lip until I felt my skin rip open. This was bad. This girl had more going on than she let on. W
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