Chapter 58

Nerezza's Point of View

I hadn't been this vulnerable to anyone before. Maybe Priamos but most of my memories of him were locked away. Stored somewhere I never wanted to open. But opening up to Amadeus felt natural. Easy. His comforting hand was on my back. The kisses he would place on my forehead as the water turned cold.

Neither of us wanted this to end. This moment could carry on for the rest of eternity and I would remain happy. Because I had never felt this safe with anyone. Not even Priamos. The thought of him leaving ripped open my heart. But I was still confined to my chambers. Denied any visitors.

Especially my mate.

Reluctantly, I pulled away from him. His eyes followed my face downward. Curved over my collar bones. Ran down the length of my ample chest. Settled just below them, where my heart was. As if he could see it breaking.

I had no idea how long I had been in his embrace. Long enough that the water had run cold. Bubbles had disappeared. His brows furrowed when I scoot
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