Chapter 62

Priamos' Point of View

I was halfway around the world, following a lead I had gotten. Years later, the rumors still ran like wildfire. Of a gang that stole children. Sold them on the black market to families who couldn't make their own. Nothing especially sinister happened to the children. Most were bought by wealthy people. It enraged me all the more.

Some nurses were in on it. Received money for procuring the best offspring. Once she had stolen a child, she would vanish into the night. Change her name. Start somewhere else. The cycle went on and on.

My leads had dried up in the first few months. People were tight-lipped. Wouldn't give away the people who helped them to survive. Gave them money for whatever reason. Money that they had gotten from families buying kids. All of it was sickening.

I was in some human country now. With mountain ranges on all sides. No electricity. Running water was also only meant for the wealthier families here. The village was small but I had found a h
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