Chapter 63

Prince Reginald's Point of View

This was the part of being the prince that I detested the most. Mountains of paperwork. Meetings to be held that were of no great concern. Late nights filling in forms and setting forth new motions for the upcoming week. Nothing to write home about. Not that home life was any more interesting than this.

Where was the action? The war and human misery? Where were the people bowing at your feet, begging for mercy? This was not what I had had in mind when I agreed to take over from father sooner rather than later. Although, the bugger was somehow beating the odds. I'd have to make a mental note of it to tell the doc to add extra of that poison from now on. His inclining health was a problem.

Just as I set down my first mug of coffee for the morning, Beatrice stormed in. Her hair was a mess. Robe falling around her, untied. Which was highly immoral. But her face looked worse than normal. Her too-large eyes were now in slits. Nose scrunched up in distaste. I
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