Chapter 72

Nerezza's Point of View

Harold droned on about everything that needed to be arranged. The dresses for Farren and Phaedra. Flowers. Cakes. Who will be invited and who won't. Even if I had no family to bring along, Harold never asked about my side of things. About the family I might have somewhere. I chalked it up to negligence on his part but knew better.

This was a political affair. High-ranking nobles would come from all around the globe. Human presidents and dictators who were in on the secret. Alphas with a lot of income and amassed wealth. Not Ciaran and hiss pack, though. Reggie didn't want Ciaran anywhere close to the palace. Harold had said that they were still rogues in essence and would sour the occasion. I knew better.

Ciaran wouldn't hesitate to take Reggie on in front of everyone. Most likely beat him senseless whilst the other three men watched. Alvara would have a heart attack but she wouldn't stop him either. He had done too much damage to their respective packs. Hurt t
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