Chapter 124

Alvara's Point of View

Everyone was waiting. Everything was ready. Perfect. The best day of my life. But I couldn't help the sudden surge of nerves. What if the cake fell off the table? What if Ciaran had forgotten the rings? So many things could go wrong so fast. It was an endless cycle of what would be worse.

Someone showing up in white or the brides' maids tripping halfway down the aisle.

"Can you stop fidgeting? Geez. You look perfect!" Teagan exclaimed. Downed the last bit of champagne in her glass. I frowned at her. Looked toward Adelia to back me up. She only shrugged. Smiled and stood.

Her long blue dress swayed against the tiles. Heels clicked as she moved closer. Wrapping her arms around my shoulders, we stared into the large mirror together. "You do look perfect. And you are marrying the loves of your life. Nothing can ruin today. I promise." She tried to comfort me. It wasn't working.

My large A-line dress did the best it could at hiding the fact that I was pregnant. Nea
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Melanie Marietta Robele
Is this the last chapter? She still hasn’t marked and mated them?
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Do they ever find Milla's birth parents?
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