Chapter 3 Martial Scripture Hall [Edited]

Chen Ming now was inside one of the training grounds. 

The training ground​ was very spacious. It was big enough to accommodate more than hundreds of people easily. 

Right now there were so many people training their martial arts with great concentration.

Chen Ming looked around when he saw many people training their bodies and cultivating their Qi he remembered something very important

"I don't know how to cultivate Qi?"

Chen Ming frowned. He didn't know anything about cultivating Qi. And he didn’t know how to start it. In the status page it was locked.

"What should I do now when I don't know how to cultivate?"

Chen Ming​ tried to think about how to get his hand on some of the martial arts but he didn't seem to find any good way to get it

"I am the young master of the clan. I should have the right to access Chen Clan library right?"

Chen Ming knew that as the young master of the clan he had the right to access the clan library but he didn't know where it was.

And when he tried to ask someone for directions, Xiao Wen already walked up to him from behind.

"Young master, if the young master wants to start training Xiao Wan advises the young master to ask for the martial art scriptures at the Martial Scripture Hall."

Chen Ming was surprised. He didn't think Xiao Wen would follow him here. He knew she didn't like him that much.

'Maybe it's because of Mother'

Chen Ming didn't think much about it. He turned his head to Xiao Wan before smiling at her and thanking her for telling him. His smile was as bright and gentle as the sunshine. 

Xiao Wen, who saw that smile, was stunned for a moment. She didn't know Chen Ming could smile gently like this

"Would you please take me to the Martial Scripture Hall? I knew mother should've told you something about me already right?"

Chen Ming guessed that she probably knew about him having amnesia.

And he was correct Zhang Lin had told Xiao Wen about his amnesia

Xiao Wen, who was surprised by a smile, regained her bearing before nodding she quickly adjusted herself before speaking to Chen Ming

"As your will young master, it's my duty to serve you "

Xiao Wan hurriedly took Chen Ming to the Martial Scripture Hall.

The Martial Scripture Hall was located on the left-wing of the Chen Clan's main house. There, aside from the Martial scripture Hall, There were also stallions and armory inside the clan

While walking to the Martial Scripture Hall. The high level guards and many young masters, grandchildren of the various elders inside the clan now couldn't believe their eyes.

"What do you think that black sheep will do? Come to the training ground and go straight to the Martial Scripture Hall. That man wouldn't think to start training and cultivating right now right? haha. It's funny he is too late for that. "

"Yes, that guy. Just need a ten-year-old kid to beat the shit out of him."

"At this age, he still can't unlock his Qi pathway. Forget about reaching the Qi Foundation stage. He has no talent at all, not only that he is too lazy. If our Chen Clan had someone like him as the patriarch I'd rather die. "

Chen Ming heard everything everyone had said. He didn't care what they thought, the only thing he cared about now was what martial art he would get.

Chen Ming even though didn't think about what they said still remember their names and level

'Not that I care Just remember their faces in case there's a problem in the future’

These people, their highest level of strength was only at the initial Qi Foundation Stage around level one to ten

"They are weak as well, aren't they?"

Chen Ming thought in his heart before ignoring them. And go straight to the Martial Scripture Hall. He will let them speak first. When the time comes, they will regret it.

"Young Master, Xiao Wen can only accompany you here. After this, the Young master needs to go in by himself. "

The Martial Scripture Hall was a restricted area. If not a person with a direct bloodline of the clan they forbid anyone to enter and If they are not a member of the main family they have to achieve something so that they can choose martial arts inside the Martial Scripture Hall

The martial arts that the common member of the Chen Clan generally practiced. Classified as a martial art that was not too bad but it's only good for building the foundation.

If they want to become stronger they will need to work for the Chen clan to get contribution points so that they can exchange for better martial arts

Chen Ming, who was the only heir of Chen Kongnan. Of course, he had the right to enter the Martial Scripture Hall.

Chen Ming opened the door to enter the Martial Scripture Hall. Behind the door, there was an old man who was in charge of it. seeing Chen Ming, he was shocked like the others. He didn't think that a problem maker like him would come to the Martial Scripture Hall.

"What are you doing here? You wouldn't come here to burn the hall, would you? If you want to burn it Even if it was Chen Kongnan he won't be able to protect you"

Chen Ming was silent, he looked at the elder who spoke to him as if he was a brat, he could feel that this old man was very strong he could die from just standing in front of him 

Chen Ming tried to examine his stats.

Name Chen Yijing

Level 143/143

Health 5720/5720

Qi 2860/2860

Relationships ???

Chen Ming had a cold sweat, he didn't expect this old man to be extremely strong? He was far stronger than his father, his mother and Xiao Wen combined. This person must be extraordinary. Plus the relationship has not been identified as well.

Chen Yijing looked at Chen Ming. He felt as though he had been seen through


Chen Yijing stopped reading the scriptures. Before disappearing and appearing in front of Chen Ming.

"Who are you?"

Chen Ming shivered. He didn't expect the old man to ask this question. 

'Don't tell me I got caught! it's impossible!'

"I am ..."

Chen Ming tried to answer. But he could feel the pressure from the old man. He felt uncomfortable and could not speak.

"He is Chen Ming, your grandson. He just changed after getting lost in the forest. "

Chen Kongnan, who had received the news that Chen Ming had appeared in the Martial Scripture Hall, immediately came to rescue him. 

He knew that the old man didn't like his son and if something happened to the Martial Scripture Hall that was the foundation of the clan. 

Even if he was the patriarch, he wouldn't be able to help Chen Ming.

"Lost in the forest?"

Chen Yijing looked at Chen Ming who was looking at him. Seeing his eyes, he only grunted a little. Before slowly dispersing his aura, Chen Ming could breathe again.

"Then go do whatever you want. But do remember if you damage any of my property don't say I didn't warn you. "

Chen Ming quickly nodded. Chen Kongnan then hurriedly led Chen Ming straight inside of the Hall.

"Ming'er, father didn't think Ming'er would want to learn martial arts. Let father help you choose the scriptures. For you who have no basics at all father suggested that you should practice the martial arts for building muscle and for cultivating inner power father recommends that you practice the preliminary profound method "

Chen Kongnan spoke while smiling, he seemed to be very glad Chen Ming started to cultivate like this. He walked over to pick up many scriptures and bring them to Chen Ming.

Chen Ming immediately checked the scriptures.

Body Reinforcement scriptures (Qi Foundation stage)

Properties: to make the body stronger

Qi Gathering scriptures (Qi Foundation stage)

Properties: Opens meridian to collect heaven and earth Qi.

Chen Ming looked at the two scriptures. He was still very dissatisfied with it.

"Father, I would like to have higher grade scriptures."

Chen Kongnan was slightly shocked 

‘A higher grade?'

"Humm, you just look at it, and you already know what the level of the scriptures is?"

Chen Ming was sweating. Indeed, normal people won't be able to tell what grade of the scriptures was just by seeing it. 

How to answer it? After thinking a little he answered

"Yes, Father. I can tell just by seeing it"

Chen Ming felt tight. He didn't know how to answer it so he just answered him. 

Chen Kongnan suddenly went silent. Chen Ming was nervous now

'He wouldn't know…as if he could read my mind I just need some bull story'

Chen Ming believed he can convince Chen Kongnan with his bullshit

But on the contrary of what he had thought, he just smiled and spoke

"Very Good!"

Chen Ming was so confused he bought that? Just like that? No need for bull then

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