Chapter 4 learning martial arts


Iron Body Scripture(Qi Gathering Stage)

Properties: make the body as strong as pure iron


Meridian Destroying Palm Scripture (Qi Gathering Stage)

Properties: gathers Qi into the palm before attacking the enemies to destroy the enemy's pulse.


Sky walking scripture (Sky profound stage)

Properties: makes it possible to step on air


Dragon Refining Breath Scripture (???)

Properties: Open all meridian points on the body. Restores physical energy and Qi, Help refine the gathered Qi through breathing


Nine Souls Sword scripture (???)

Properties: gathering Qi to create ethereal flying swords. The number of swords depends on the amount of Qi.


Chen Ming looked at the scriptures that Chen KongNan had picked up for him. 

He looked at all of these martial arts with eyes full of surprise. These Scriptures were very Op

'Sky profound stage What stage is this? And also the question mark?'

Chen KongNan looked at Chen Ming with eyes full of expectation. He probably wanted Chen Ming to learn all of these martial arts.

Because these martial arts were the best he could find in this hall it was martial arts that even he himself was unable to comprehend. 

He wondered if Chen Ming could learn all of this martial art. He will be very strong. Even stronger than his father Chen YiJing

And why did he pick these Scriptures for Chen Ming it didn’t make sense at all why he chose these scriptures for him knowing that he didn’t know how to cultivate at all that because he had a feeling Chen Ming could comprehend it

If people were to know what he thinking right now they will think he's crazy but if they were his comrades that went through the war with him they will understand that his feeling had never been wrong

he survived many times because of his gut feeling

Chen Ming did not want to disappoint Chen KongNan When he saw his expectance eyes

‘It couldn’t be so bad if I show him a little bit of my talent right?’

Chen Ming decided he will show his talent a little bit

"Father, these martial arts I think I can understand it...a little bit"

Chen KongNan heard this he smiled happily. Even he himself didn’t understand a little bit he only knew its name He couldn’t comprehend a little bit of it except for martial arts ones in Qi Gathering Stange

"Is that true? Ming-er even a little bit is good If you can successfully master all of these martial arts You will definitely be stronger than anyone in the whole Yang region of this continent"

Chen KongNan was confident. Chen Ming shook his head. He didn't want to be number one not right now. All he wanted right now was to go back to his home to clear up his mess and when he cleared of those messes up in his life he will be returning here to do whatever he wanted to do.

“Well, I won't bother you anymore, read these scriptures. Remember, you can't bring these scriptures out of the Hall. Because in each scripture there is a hidden track If it were to be taken out your grandfather will know and definitely be very angry. "

Chen KongNan warned Chen Ming not to do anything funny. This was an important place. If something were to happen to It even he couldn’t do anything to help him.

Chen Ming nodded and told Chen KongNan not to worry about it. he won’t do anything funny if it was before he lost his memory Chen KongNan will never believe him but now he only smiled

Chen KongNan looked at Chen Ming a little before saying goodbye and went straight outside the Hall. He also had other things to deal with. Both matters of the country and the people who target his child

‘So busy I didn’t have time to spend with my family just you wait I made you pay for this’

After Chen KongNan left 

Chen YiJing walked out of the shadow

He spied on them he was curious which martial arts his son gave to his grandson

and when he knew which martial arts his son gave to his grandson he can only shake his head not only Chen KongNan can’t comprehend it even him the cultivator in Earth Profound Stage couldn’t understand a single thing

"This kid is crazy to give his son incomprehensible martial arts. Martial arts that he picked up for him were high-level martial arts. This child has not yet unlocked his Qi pathway. How can he train on it even if he could comprehend and understand it? "

Chen Yijing could only complain about his son. But after that, what happened in front of him really surprised him.

"Wait, what’s that? That child isn't that ..."

Chen Ming used the system learning function that he just found he guessed that if this system were to like the game he previously played then It will definitely have this function and you know what he guessed right there’s a learning function in the system


[Do you want to learn “Iron Body Scripture” Yes/No]


Chen Ming immediately pick a yes with his thought


[“Iron Body Scriptures” learned]


Just like that knowledge about Iron Body Scriptures was directly imprinted in his memory

he had a headache memory imprinting was not funny at all but it was worth it

after he received the memory he saw a message


[Level up!]

[Level up!]


Name: Chen Ming

Title: Young master of the Chen Clan

Level: 5

Health: 50/50 

Qi: -


"The level has gone up..."

Chen Ming smiled, and he felt his body tighter and firmer. He felt fatigued, every part of him was stimulated. Chen Ming practicing it for just ten seconds was like running several tens of kilometers.

"...Tired ... what ...I feel so heavy"

Chen Ming took a deep breath. He sweated hard. He checked to see his progress.


[Iron Body Scripture(Initial) 20/100]


“twenty experience points were gained in one practice session. I only need five more sessions to advance the stage, and then I level up. But I can’t feel my body right now. "

Chen Ming took a deep breath. He had to rest first or else his body won’t be able to take it.

Chen Ming was sitting on the floor inside the Scripture Hall with Chen YiJing still peeping on him.

"This kid, don't tell me that this kid is actually a genius that can't be found in a thousand years. His cultivation has not reached the requirement of that martial art yet. But he could still practice it if the cunning old fox from other clans knew about this. They will definitely find a way to deal with this kid for sure"

Chen YiJing couldn't help but he had to do something about it. He appeared in front of Chen Ming. 

Chen Ming, who was sitting there, was startled. He hurriedly got up and bowed his head at Chen YiJing.

“Don’t need to be formal, I don’t like it. I just came here to warn you. All the martial arts that you will continue to practice and cultivate. You must practice it in secret. you can’t let anyone see you cultivate, otherwise, it will bring you more harm than good. "

Chen Ming looked at Chen YiJing. he thought of Chen YiJing's words. Before he understood what he meant

"I understand. I will not practice or cultivate these high-level arts if there is anyone nearby."

Chen YiJing nodded in satisfaction.

"Good. I only said this but you seem to understand what I want to say. Well, I think what happened to you in the forest is a blessing. That's all I want to say. Take this as a reward for working hard. "

Chen YiJing threw something at Chen Ming before disappearing. If Chen KongNan saw it, he would definitely be dazzled. Why? Because the thing that Chen YiJing gave Chen Ming was high-level recovery pills. It was Earth Profound level pills. It will give them the Inexhaustible stamina to those who swallow them. It is suitable for people who want to train their bodies.

Chen Ming immediately examined the medicine he had received.


Name: Stamina Rejuvenation Pill(Earth Profound Stage)

Properties: recovery stamina continuously for a period of 1 day. only for training body, not Qi


‘This is a cheat item I need right now!’

Chen Ming didn’t know how valuable it was but even if he knew he will still be using it he needed it the most right now

‘with these pills level up to level thirty doesn’t seem hard anymore I need to thank him for these pills one day

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