Chapter 5 that's easy

Chen Ming had been training crazily for who knows how long since when he received Stamina Rejuvenation Pills from Chen Yijing he was not tired at all from then till now. Chen Ming could feel that his strength had increased greatly as if he were soaring to heaven.

his level has gone up like there’s no tomorrow


Name: Chen Ming

Title: Worthless Young master

Level 30

Health 300/300

Energy -


"Phew~, Finally who would have thought that the pills grandfather gave to me would be this potent. I didn’t feel like sleeping since I’ve been taking these pills..."

Chen Ming was impressed by the rejuvenation pills. He only ate one pill, it made him not feel tired and won't wear out all day long Chen Ming was able to train his body continuously until he could break through to the level he Wanted.

And as soon as he stopped training He received the message as usual.


Mission completed

Received the Key to the Realm of Origin


"Huh that’s easy"

Chen Ming smiled with joy. In the end, he would be able to go home.

“It's a pity to have to leave this world at this time, but it can't be helped. Even if I like to live in this world, I still have a lot of things that I haven't finished yet. well It doesn’t mean I cannot come back here anymore the key can not only bring me back home but also can bring me back here"

Chen Ming smiled. Even though he had to go back he still had the way to come here.

"But where are the keys and the rewards I previously received?"

Chen Ming frowned. He forgot to think about it. He had received rewards from missions.

"Inventory, if it is a game, the rewards must go into the inventory"

Chen Ming thought he tried to recall the thing he had received. And it is just as he thought. When he thought of the things that should be in his inventory the window popped up.

"the window popped up? yeah, that’s right, but how do I get things out?"

Chen Ming looked at his inventory. There are two item icons. One is a red potion with the image of a small red glass bottle. two is a copper key this should be the key to the realm of origin.

Chen Ming didn't know how to get it out. He taps on the icon and as soon as he taps on the icon He found that the keys appear in his hand.

"Like this, but it's not very convenient. If I want to take things out immediately in an emergency case, I have to tap this box. It's too slow. "

Chen Ming didn’t want it to be inconvenient so he tried to do something

‘It should work that way right’

Chen Ming tried to put and get items in the inventory just buy thinking and then

"Just as I thought. I am a genius!"

Chen Ming could think of many different ways to make use of this inventory like some novel he had read before

"Like this, it's convenient and will be useful in many situations from now."

Chen Ming took things in and out several times to make sure the inventory was working fine and didn’t have any delay and why he had to do it because he knew in life and death situation only a millisecond delay could decide if you could live another day

and after getting used to it, he took out the key

"Goodbye to this world for now I will come back for sure my love"

Chen Ming laughed. He will definitely come back for sure this was his dream since he was just a little kid to live his life in this game world even if it was dangerous

Nah, he was not a stranger to the dangerous life, this was nothing new.

He clung to the key and will it to work an incantation liked sound come out of his mount unconsciously

And as soon as Chen Ming finished an incantation he received information that almost made him puke blood

"Wut!!, I haven't used it yet, why does it have a cooldown!"

Chen Ming Wanted to shout out to heaven how ridiculous this was.

"Fortunately, In the information I received it tell me the time dilation between worlds"

Chen Ming thought that in the misfortune, there was still a good fortune. he still had some time left before he needed to go back

“I have three months left before the cooldown ends so I should use this chance to the fullest. Enjoy everything I have right now and make sure I survive here with my strength”

Chen Ming let out a sigh of satisfaction at least now he was stronger than an average young master or low-rank soldier

Chen Ming after that returned to his room now that the effect of the rejuvenation pill had ended he felt fatigued

Xiao Wen was assigned to take care of him. Didn't understand why Chen Ming was so absent-minded. it was normal when someone to spent a whole day in the Martial Scriptures Hall because it was very hard to get the chance to choose martial arts from the hall

they need to be very careful they could not waste the chance

"Young master...what's happened to you, why is your face so pale?!"

it was her duty to care about his well-being Her young master

Chen Ming looked at Xiao Wen, her beautiful face. her gentle voice had helped soothe his weak mind greatly.

Chen Ming shook his head before replying. He still felt that she was uncomfortable when she had to come near him It was so sad but acceptable

“I’m alright, Xiao Wen, you shouldn’t have waited for me outside for so long. you really don't need to take care of me. If you don't want to I’ll speak with mother"

Xiao Wen was surprised she didn’t think that Chen Ming would speak with his mother for her. She accepted that she still felt uncomfortable but she felt less worried right now at the very least he was not unreasonable as people had said

again It was unexpected

‘Maybe Young Master really changed when he had amnesia’

Xiao Wen smiled at Chen Ming before speaking

“Young Master Xiao Wen can't let you do that. The Mistress had assigned Xiao Wen to take care of Young Master. Xiao Wen will do it wholeheartedly from now on. Xiao Wen apologized if Xiao Wen had done something wrong"

"Humm really you don’t want me to speak with my mother?"

“Yes, Young Master”

“Okay If that is what you want but remember what you have said”

“Yes, Young Master Xiao Wen will do as Xiao Wen has said”

After hearing that Chen Ming smiled and look at Xiao Wen with his pure beautiful cleared eyes this sent a wave of warm feeling towards Xiao Wen she felt something warm on her face she couldn’t help but look away from his face

‘What was that just now his eyes were so beautiful?!’

Chen Ming didn’t know what was inside Xiao Wen’s mind right now he felt so tired and wanted to go back to his place to rest

Chen Ming returned to his house with Xiao Wen

And as Xiao Wen had said she did her job perfectly she cooked delicious food for him

“This is so delicious are you a goddess of cooking Xiao Wen”

Hearing his compliment she somewhat felt happy he seemed to truly appreciate her cooking

Xiao Wen while her Young Master was enjoying her food she wanted to go and prepare hot water for him but he stopped her

“Ah wait a minute Xiao Wen you don’t have to prepare a bath for me right now It looks like I can’t move my body so...Umm”

“But Young Master don’t you feel dirty…”

Chen Ming bit his lower lip before answered

“Of course, I feel dirty but what can I do I can only lift my fingers right now and that’s my limit”

Chen Ming didn’t tell her that she could help him

He didn’t need to tell her that looked like she understood it herself she didn’t ask him again it’s so pity

and after he finished his dinner Chen Ming went to his bedroom to sleep just as his head touched the pillow his soul living his body

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