Chapter 6 taking a bath

The next morning, Xiao Wen came to wake Chen Ming up 

It’s three o’clock in the morning right now and It was around this time when people of the clan started to wake up for a morning practice

Chen Ming still not fully awoke and feeling sore in every part of his body

“five no give me two hours more”

Chen Ming mumbled while he was dragged out of his bedroom by his beautiful secretary no his beautiful servant 

“Young Master It is time to wake up you won’t be able to have breakfast with Mistress if you sleep more for two hours”

hearing Xiao Wen, Chen Ming couldn’t help but tried to stay awake

“I know, I know, Xiao Wen stop dragging me I am not a kid anymore okay”

Xiao Wen now It seemed that she didn’t feel uncomfortable around Chen Ming anymore when she looked at him now he was just a kid

“Young Master Xiao Wen has prepared hot water for you. Young master, do you want to take a bath right now? "

Taking a bath now? Chen Ming remembered yesterday he felt so tired that he could only lift his fingers to eat his food he didn’t take a bath yesterday so now he smelled ugly like a rotten junk

Chen Ming smelled his body before he couldn’t take it anymore

‘Aww...what the heck with this smell and what is these black sticky fluid’

Chen Ming didn’t know what was the sticky fluid but now he realized this black sticky fluid was the impurity inside his body

Xiao Wen didn’t mind his smell and didn’t speak about black sticky fluid as if she knew what it was

Chen Ming could only shake his head before speaking with Xiao Wen

"Hmmm, really thank you. I appreciate it. I smelled so bad right now stay far away from me if you don’t want to smell like a skunk"

“Skunk what is that Young Master”

Chen Ming looked at Xiao Wen she looked like she really didn’t know what skunk was

So Chen Ming simply said

“It’s a big smelly cat”

Xiao Wen when she heard Chen Ming said she cutely tilted her head before speaking

“But Young Master’s name is Chen Ming, not a skunk and you are not a smelly cat”

Chen Ming brows twitched

“You know what f**k it…”

“What is f**k…”


Chen Ming ignored Xiao Wen before walking into the bathroom Xiao Wen didn’t understand what she did wrong she shook her head before going in after Chen Ming

Chen Ming after walking into the bathroom looked around the bathroom in an ancient era. 

‘It’s a normal room?’

Chen Ming found it to be a normal room with wide-open windows he could see outside clearly there were many peach trees around his house so he could see tree leaves fall from the nearby trees it was so cinematic

In the middle of the room, there was a large water bathtub made of wood. In addition to the bathtub, beautiful curtains were covering all four directions. Aside from Xiao Wen, three beautiful maids were waiting to serve him.

"What are you three doing in here?"

Chen Ming asked curiously it wasn’t like he didn’t like it but just in case. The maids looked at each other before slowly walking to Chen Ming they tried to undress him.


Chen Ming caught their hands they were confused why Chen Ming refused them even though he’s never touching them at least he let them serve him but now

“You three don’t need to serve me anymore, I only need Xiao Wen. go”

Chen Ming told them with a charming smile they looked at him surprisingly but hurriedly nodded their head before going out

Chen Ming when he saw the three go out then sighed.

“They are beautiful it’s pity that they are greedy just by the look I can tell they will suck me dry for sure well I am the Young Master of the clan after all they probably will be fat before they can suck me dry hehe"

Chen Ming, who was about to take off his clothes, turned around.

"What are you doing? Not going out as well. "

“Young Master Xiao Wen, in addition to being in charge of Young Master daily life Xiao Wen also had a duty to protect Young master from harm. Xiao Wen is afraid that while the Young Master is cleaning himself. There will be people who will take this chance to hurt young master”

Chen Ming's brows twitched.

"So what should I do? I don’t feel comfortable when the opposite gender is around me when I undress even if I’m not a virgin anymore "

Xiao Wen's face turned red. Xiao Wen turned her back to him and spoke.

“Xiao Wen will turn her back on Young Master. Young Master, don't worry about it."

"Are you sure you won't be peeping on me?"

Xiao Wen nodded. She felt strange. Why would she want to peek at him in the bath?

Chen Ming saw that Xiao Wen had turned her back on him. He shrugged before undoing his clothes and immediately jumped into the bathtub

"So refreshing"

Chen Ming had never felt that taking a bath would be so refreshing. Xiao Wen, who heard the sound of water ripples, let out a sigh.

“Stop it stupid brain why do I want to peep on him he’s just a kid”

‘or maybe when he has grown up’

“Stop it stupid brain I shouldn’t have listened to Mistress”

There was a saying that the more you tried to resist something, the more you wanted to have it. Xiao Wen a little, she secretly looked at Chen Ming and when she saw him a little, her face turned red before hurrying to turn away.

Chen Ming didn't take a long time in the bath. He got up from the bathtub before going straight to the attire the servant prepares for him 

Chen Ming now found a new problem again.

"How do I wear it?"

Chen Ming looked at several pieces of clothes. He didn’t know how to wear it.

"Hmm, it is very difficult to put in. It's more ridiculous than I thought."

Chen Ming only chose to wear some simple clothes. He chose an undershirt, pants, and just shoes. As for the other pieces, he piled them beside the bathtub.

Chen Ming, after dressing up, walked behind Xiao Wen

Xiao Wen felt that Chen Ming had walked behind her so she turned around to face him

"Young master, why isn't Young Master wearing a robe? It is to tell the position of the Young Master in the clan. "

“My position? Hehe, like they care about it. it doesn’t matter, I'll wear what I want to wear. Those thick pieces of clothes make me feel so uncomfortable. "

Xiao Wen didn't know what to say. She could only let him do whatever he wanted just like he said no one respected him even if he were to were his robe

Her Mistress told her to let him do whatever he wanted if it didn’t harm anyone especially himself

"Young master, are you going to go to practice today?"

“Of course, I will practice every day, every minute, every second within three months. I will at least break through to the Qi Gathering Stage ”

Xiao Wen heard the words that were filled with determination. she couldn't help but feel her heart beating a little bit faster. Chen Ming in plain clothes with his dashing smile looked magnificent now he looked like the king in his lonely world

‘Why does he have to be this charming right now...’

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