Chapter 7 Stepmother?

Chen Ming, after taking a bath, immediately headed to his mother’s house with Xiao Wen.

The sky looked so beautiful with so many stars shining brightly people woke up to do their morning routine

Inside his mother’s house, many servants were preparing breakfast for his mother and him but he noticed that there were three sets of breakfast on the table

‘Maybe it’s for father’ he thinks

Chen Ming saw his mother drinking tea while smiling at him

“Ming-er, come and sit beside mother”

Chen Ming smiled back at his mother before went to sit beside her

Zhang Lin then looked at Xiao Wen

“Wen-er also come here and eat with us”

Hearing Zhang Lin said Chen Ming was surprised he thought that it was for Chen KongNan 

Xiao Wen hearing Zhang Lin she nodded and sit beside her 

Chen Ming curiously looked at Xiao Wen he didn’t expect Xiao Wen to sit beside his mother he thought that Xiao Wen will refuse his mother by telling her that she was just a servant or something there must be some reasons behind this

and he didn’t have to wait long he got his answer

“Thank you stepmother”


Chen Ming looked at Zhan Lin

“Oh you don’t remember sorry I forgot you have amnesia, It’s like this I adopted Xiao Wen a long time ago when she was just a little kid that time you haven’t been born yet”

“But why you let her become a servant if she is your adopted daughter”

“Silly boy, that's just her hobby…”


‘I didn’t know this world had hobbies’

“Well it’s unexpected but I like it. Humm I should call her big sister from now on~”

hearing Chen Ming said that her eyes went wide before immediately spoke up

“Really you will call me big sister?”

“Un...Why not, I like to have a big beautiful sister but if you don’t like it I won’t call you that”

“No! I mean you can call me big sister but only in secret”


‘Maid sister What a dream’ Chen Ming think

Xiao Wen couldn’t believe it he will call her big sister in the past she didn’t have a chance to speak with him all she knew about him was something she heard from other people in the clan

since she was a little kid she always stay inside Zhang Clan which is located in the north of Duan Yang to train secret martial arts of the clan

she dreamt of having a younger brother but when she heard a rumor about him she felt so disappointed to the point she threw away everything and became a battle maid for her stepmother who would have thought that she will have to serve him instead of Zhang Lin

‘Lucky me he lost his memory otherwise I didn’t know what he would do to me even if we were step siblings’

Chen Ming talked with Zhang Lin a little before finishing his food

He then looked at Xiao Wen before speaking

“Big sis, today I will be in the Martial Scriptures Hall again. You don't have to wait for me like yesterday, okay?”

"Um, Xiao...Aham Big sis will pick you up after you finish your training."

Chen Ming nodded and smiled at Xiao Wen before slowly walking out of the house

Zhang Ling watching these two she could only smile

‘Well it looks like these two will be a match for each other in the future

Chen Ming, after walking out of the house walked towards the direction that would bring him to the scriptures hall, but after he walked out of his mother’s courtyard. He found that there were three teenagers around his age. They were standing in front of him blocking his way.

"Young Master Nan, look, who are we having here... Isn't he the infamous Young Master Ming? Aww He looked so scary"

"Indeed, the infamous young master. I heard at last year's tournament, he used his father's name to get the position of the Young Patriarch of the clan. What a shame."

“Young Master Nan, this year's tournament, I think you should be taking that position from him, or else the Chen Clan's future will be ruined.”

Chen Ming's brows furrowed together and didn't know what these three were talking about. He checked the three of them.


Name: Chen Nan

Level: 20

Stage: Qi Foundation(Middle)

Health: 200/200

Qi 100/100

Relationship: Cousin(Hate)


Name: Guan Ping

Level: 15

Stage: Qi Foundation(Initial)

Health 150/150

Qi 75/75

Relationship: Cousin(Dislike)


Name: Guan Yi

Level 14 

Stage: Qi Foundation(Initial)

HP 140/140

Qi 70/70

Relationship: Cousin(Dislike)


Chen Nan looked at Chen Ming with cold eyes before speaking.

"Because of people like you, the Chen Clan lost its reputation, your existence is poisonous to my clan, so give up the position of the Young Patriarch. I will give you three days if you don't do as I said I will make you regret that you were born."

Chen Ming, who had heard Chen Nan speak, was able to sense the killing intent. He could feel that if there were no guards around here, this Chen Nan would definitely kill him.

Chen Ming looked at Chen Nan, he didn't know anything, but he hated the people who threatened him the most.

"Chen Nan is it, I don't know what you're talking about, I don't remember you, nor do I want to remember. Three days you will come and take my life?. So be it then in three days, you and I will fight each other at the Martial Arena. In a life and death battle, what do you think "

Chen Ming smiled his eyes were closing now he seemed to not worry about Chen Nan threats at all on the other hand Chen Nan felt something was wrong but he couldn’t tell what it was 

"Good ... Good ... Very good. a life and death battle is it. Guan Ping, go and announce to everyone. From now on, in three days, I, Chen Nan, and Chen Ming will have a life and death battle!"

Chen Nan, after speaking, turned his gaze slightly before turning his back to Chen Ming

He then walked in the same direction as Chen Ming. He also had a direct bloodline from the Main House, he was Chen Ming's cousin therefore he can enter the hall without breaking the rules.

Chen Ming saw him leave, he could only chuckle, He was just a little boy, why should he be afraid of?

Chen Ming followed Chen Nan to the Martial Scriptures Hall, Guan Ping and Guan Yi now parted ways with Chen Nan and went doing whatever they were told to.

Chen Ming walked into the Martial Scriptures Hall after Chen Nan and when he went inside the hall Chen Nan was nowhere to be found.

Chen Yijing was still reading his scriptures as usual

"Greeting Grandfather"

Chen Ming greeted him respectfully he knew he couldn’t afford to be disrespectful in front of him he could kill him just by sneezing

"Ah-ah, you’re here today good, come here, get this, go and practice a lot."

Chen Yijing gave Chen Ming a lot of pills, Chen Ming took it he still have so many pills left but having more wasn’t hurt right

"Right, You have challenged Chen Nan in a life and death battle just now, right? Do you think you can defeat him?"

Chen Ming thought for a moment before he nodded

"I'm confident that I can beat him easily."

Chen Yijing nodded, satisfied with Chen Ming's response.

“Well, well, leave that life and death trival battle aside, I have something more important to tell you. ”

Chen Nan, if he heard that the life and death battle with him was such a trivial matter, he would definitely cough up blood.

"In three months, there will be a young generation competition in the clan. I want you to compete for the position of the Young Patriarch even if you are now the Young Patriarch the position can be stolen”

Chen Ming, hearing that Chen Yijing wanted him to join the tournament, Chen Ming's face turned black, that was the time when the cooldown was finished. 

‘Am I going to participate in the tournament, otherwise there will be many problems. It can’t be helped then…’ 

Seeing Chen Ming's hesitation, Chen Yijing spoke up.

“Hum, No need to hesitate. You will have to join the tournament, you don't want to lose face in front of your beloved fiancee, right? "


Chen Ming didn't expect to hear this word.

"Oh, indeed. I forgot that you might not remember this. You have a fiancee. She is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful women in Yang region, not only that she is younger than you but has the cultivation of Peak Qi Gathering Stage she is a disciple of the top five sects in this world"

The more Chen Ming listened, the more he felt a headache

‘She is the problem...I can feel it’

Chen Ming was not feeling well, Chen Yijing saw him was afraid that Chen Ming would not be convinced, so he wanted to help to lift up his mood.

“I heard that this fiancée wanted to withdraw her betrothed, she wanted to compete with you, with the condition that if you lost, you must be the one to withdraw the engagement. To lose your reputation, you may be subject to heavy punishment. "

"Heavy punishment..."

Chen Ming gulped Chen Yijing smiled seeing his reaction

"Don’t worry about it even if it was a heavy punishment you are still a Young Patriarch of our clan so they will just cut your dong-dong that’s all"


Chen Ming roared, his face was pale. losing his DONG-DONG was not different than death. He shook his head before asking Chen Yijing.

"Grandfather, what should I do? I can’t lose my...dong-dong it’s a family jewel after all it is a treasure you need to protect it RIGHT?"

“Humm Why are you so anxious? Hah, just practice from as much as I saw your training yesterday. Within three months, I think you will be able to fight with her. Not only that, maybe you could beat her easily. ”

Chen Ming looked at Chen Yijing, he could only sigh

“Don’t worry about it Dong-er grandfather still have some way to help you”

“Really... but wait a minute who is Dong-er”

“Ahhh don’t care too much about trivial things kid these days always focus on nonsense thing”


Chen Ming didn’t know if he could trust this old man but whatever he the strongest he knew right now

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