Chapter 8 Too much is not good

Chen Ming went inside the hall, He couldn’t help but sighed he had so many things in his mind right now whether it was about the competition or his fiancee everything was so troublesome

“Fiancee nothing good ever come out of it, I know...I really hate this word I want to get it out of the dictionary”

He sighed again, didn’t remember how many times he sighed today

Chen Ming then look at something in his hand it was a porcelain bottle he got from Chen Yijing He told him it has ten pills inside of it, it will help him to practice martial arts without rest

“Does he want me to practice martial arts for twenty-four hours without rest? Meh... I can pull it through This is not the first time I train like this...If I had these pills that time I would have already become a superman just kidding”

Today Chen Ming already used the pills he didn’t have to use them again he still feels refreshing

He had three days left, including today, before the time he had to deal with Chen Nan

Chen Nan was at Lv.20 in Qi Foundation Stage He may be stronger than Chen Ming before but right now He had no chance of winning none at all

“Okay right now I have a higher level than him but it doesn’t mean I can careless who knows what martial arts in this world can do maybe he can shoot laser beam outside of his as- ahem from his behind”

joke aside in three days he will cultivate his Qi and practice martial arts

Chen Ming was confident in his body right now his skin was very strong he estimated that his skin could withstand a bullet easily

right now what he lacked was the method to cultivate Qi

He look at other scriptures he had with him right now there a method to cultivate Qi

“Dragon Refining Breath Scripture? this breath technique will help me to open all of my meridians and collect Qi from heaven and earth but the only problem is”


Dragon Refining Breath Scripture (???)

Properties: Open all meridian points on the body. Restores physical energy and Qi, Help refine the gathered Qi through breathing


“What is the level of this scripture? Can I learn it...”

Chen Ming didn’t know if he could learn it or not but he tried nonetheless

“If I can learn it good if not I lose nothing”


[Do you want to learn “Dragon Refining Breath Scripture” Yes/No]


Chen Ming hesitate a little before he picked yes

and then


[“Dragon Refining Breath Scripture” learned]


“Yes! I can learn it this is the might of the system HAHAHA”

Chen Ming was so excited why because the knowledge he got from this scripture was insane he could use this technique until he ascend to heaven

“Alright...this breathing technique is good but it can not help me in combat I need to learn other scripture for combat”

Chen Ming then learn all the scripture he had his level gone up again and again


Name: Chen Ming

Title: Worthless Young master

Level 40

Health 400/400

Energy 200/200


Iron Body Scripture(Middle Stage)

Meridian Destroying Palm Scripture (Initial Stage)

Sky walking scripture (Initial Stage)

Dragon Refining Breath Scripture (Initial Stage)


“Ten levels just from learning scriptures should I learn everything in this hall”

Chen Ming contemplated a little before shook his head

“Too much is not good in my experience if I lean every scripture in this hall it will mess up my mind because of too much information”

His brain could not take it even his body was strong

“Okay don’t be greedy now myself”

He reminded himself not to be too greedy he should be content with what he had right now

“Not many can learn what I learn...and in a short period at that”

Now he should stabilize his current cultivation and practice everything he learns today

Chen Ming now tried to feel his body

“Light...I think my weight went down a little”

No, his weight was still the same but right now his posture changed slightly, and around his body there a layer of thin Qi quietly push his body in the direction he wants

“Not bad...Not bad at ALL! I think I could fly if I try but that is not for now I need to practice moving before running or jumping forget about flying”

everything had steps he will have to practice it step by step

Chen Ming smiled before he started to practice

He chose to practice Meridian Destroying Palm and Sky walking

“My Iron body is in the middle stage so my defense was high now I am just lacking offense and movement and about Dragon Refining Breath It is too hard to not now yep”

and about the last one Nine Souls Swords Scriptures?

He cannot learn it…

but why?

He can learn Dragon Refining Breath Scriptures so why he cannot learn Nine Souls Swords Scriptures that because it had a level requirement

He needs to be in Lv.100 at least or his body will pop! one like to pop like a balloon so...forget it for now


inside one of the houses of Chen Clan

Chen Nan was now standing in front of the middle-aged man. This middle-aged man was Chen KongYe, he looked at Chen Nan with an angry face

“You...I told you not to do something blatantly and now what!”

He told Chen Nan no matter what, avoid making trouble with Chen Ming. because it will affect the plans he had made. only two days had passed. Chen Nan then went to challenge Chen Ming to a duel. the loser will kneel and beg for forgiveness

isn't this action of his against his words? Chen KongYe was very angry right now.

“Father, I just want to deal with that Worthless. I don’t understand. I am better than him in every way but why was he appointed to the young patriarch position? it is me who is fit for the position!”

“You know nothing Nan”

Chen KongYe was so disappointed in his son

“He was appointed to the young patriarch position not because the elders want him to be but because of a seer told them that Chen Ming will lead the clan to its greatest glory the great elder has no choice but to appoint him to the position”

“lead the clan to its greatest glory. What a joke! all he had done was only disgraced the clan. He is an insect that needs to be exterminated!”

Hearing his son Chen Kongue couldn’t help it and released his profound energy. Chen Nan took a step back and kneel. He felt as if a large boulder was pressed against him.

“Shut are about to ruin my plan Hum! even if I think the same as you but I won’t use your stupid method you should keep calm and calculate not show your emotion like this! it will only make you look like a fool!”

Chen Nan can only nod and accept what Chen Kongye had said.

“You...Since you have already challenged Chen Ming. You shall defeat him. But remember not to kill him.”

“Yes, Father”

Chen Nan gritted his teeth and accepted. Being humiliated like this, He blamed it all on Chen Ming, He swore, if, given the opportunity, He would kill Chen Ming with everything he had.

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