Chapter 10 I have come!

“Where is he...Why hasn’t arrived yet”

“I think he scared and ran away I’m not that surprised if I were him I do the same”

“That’s true He after all just a loser”

“Then does that mean he lost the bet and he has to kneel and beg for forgiveness? The patriarch is here what will he think if his son has to kneel and beg in front of everyone”

“I...don’t know maybe they will cancel the bet”

“That would be impossible”


“Because Chen Nan hates for Chen Ming knows no bound he will do anything to humiliated Chen Ming even if the patriarch was here but don’t forget that Chen KongYe his father also here too”

Chen Kongnan hearing everyone's conversation right now could only furrow his brow. The people who came to witness the duel were bad mouthing his son but he could not do anything

beside him was Chen Kongye he knew that if he did something 

Chen Kongye will use that opportunity to take advantage of him

He was an opportunist that Chen Kongnan had to be careful if he was around

‘Ming-er, Where are you right now even if you lose please do it with dignity I can help you with the bet but if you do not come I couldn’t do anything

Chen Kongnan wanted Chen Ming to appear. It's okay to lose. Just at least show courage. It also helps to remove bad rumors. Even if it's just a little bit

It is now late in the afternoon. But Chen Ming had not appeared yet. 

Chen Nan now felt irritated. He wanted to make Chen Ming see hell. but he didn’t come yet

‘Does he really run away as everybody said...’

Chen Nan started to doubt if Chen Ming will come today

The elders began to express their displeasure. Chen Kongye told Chen Kongnan that He should have let Chen Nan win. As for kneeling, ask for forgiveness. Let's forget about it.

Chen Kongnan of course refused him. He knew that Chen Kongye will not let it go that easily as he said 

and then it comes to him

‘Wait a minute...’

He turned to Chen Nan before asking.

“Chen Nan, did Ming'er tell you when the duel was going to be held?”

Chen Nan heard the question seem to remember something

“Patriarch, Brother Ming didn't say when the duel was going to be held”

Chen Kongnan nodded before speaking.

“So that’s it. If today is not over yet There is no deciding who loses or who wins.”

Chen Kongnan's words echoed throughout the courtyard. Many people were starting to feel uncomfortable. Will they have to sit and wait like this all day?

“Chen Ming, what are you planning to do?”

Chen Nan felt like he was being bullied. It was as if he was the one who was too eager for this duel. Wanting to compete with him even though he doesn't have time. then if you want to duel so much you have to wait for l

“Chen... Ming... When you come, I swear, at least today I will break at least one of your bones.”

Chen Nan gritted his teeth and continued to wait for another two hours. It is now four o'clock in the afternoon. Chen Ming is still not yet to be seen

“What now? two hours and that guy didn't come yet, it must be because he wanted to hold the time to escape.”

“Why is he so shameless? If I see him I’m gonna beat him so hard that his father and mother would not recognize him!”

“Me too I will teach him a lesson by beating him again and again”

Many people spoke with a serious tone. Without noticing there was a man in a white robe standing beside them smirking at them

“Huh… are you going to beat and teach me a lesson? So scary...”

Hearing someone said that they couldn’t help but to see who was him and when they saw who he was they freeze

“Y...You Che Che...”

a young man dressed in a clean white robe. He was holding snacks with both of his hands. He spoke up, causing those who had just said that they wanted to teach Chen Ming a lesson

“Ah yes, it was me. The person ya all wanted to teach a lesson”

Chen Ming slowly ate his snack with ease. He was here from the beginning. He just stood there quietly listening to everyone's cursing. He saw that it was time for him to show himself. No one noticed that he was there even though he was dressed in such a strikingly clean white robe. how can he do it?

Chen Nan saw Chen Ming. His expression darkened before speaking with murderous intent.

"Finally, You are here”

“Yep, took everyone long enough just to spot me I take it that my stealth was very good”

Chen Ming smiled, his smile looked very dashing and charming. His smile was bright but full of mystery. The aura he revealed was different from normal. 

He has no arrogance or pride. There is only softness and gentleness vibe from him.

softness and gentleness do not mean weakness. inside his softness and gentleness, there was a massive wave current full of complexity

“Is that really The Worthless young master? Why do I feel that he is a different person but just has the same face”

“Me too, I feel like he is a different person too.”

Chen Ming didn't pay much attention to the people around him. He jumped from where he stood. before falling down to the ground in the middle of the courtyard The distance between where he stood and the courtyard was pretty far. But Chen Ming had only used one jump to reach where he wanted

When Chen Kongnan and Chen Kongye saw it, their expressions changed.

"Isn't that Sky walking? That's not possible. Don't tell me that."

“Stepping in the sky!”

A martial art that even the two could not cultivate The Sky Walking Scripture. but now Chen Ming has successfully trained it.

Chen Ming after the landing stand straight before shouting with his profound energy

“Fear not! for I have come!…hehe I want to shout like that for a very very long time”

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