Chapter 11 Nice to meet you

Chen Ming appeared in the middle of the crowd and used the Sky Walking Step to land in front of Chen Nan. 

He now stood with his arms crossed and looked at Chen Nan with a carefree gaze.

If it was three days ago

Chen Ming might have felt some pressure to fight someone much stronger than him. But after he trained hard for three days in a row, his strength and speed increased so much that he almost couldn’t believe himself.

He was sure that if he was serious now He would easily defeat Chen Nan.

Chen Nan could sense that something had changed inside of Chen Ming. He was so different today. and what made him feel that Chen Ming was different? He himself didn't know.

“Arrogant I see… but you can only be cocky now. I will show you the difference between you and me. You worthless.”

“The same old phrase of arrogant people. whether arrogant or not arrogant. Let's talk about it later, shall we?"

Chen Ming shook his head. He didn't like the way Chen Nan thought; he thought that others were beneath him. He was really strong for someone his age sure but it didn’t mean he could do anything he wanted. 

Chen Ming didn’t know that even he himself was like that too…

No that was not right… that should be the fault of the previous owner...not him!

Chen Nan was two years older than Chen Ming, who was now fifteen years old (in this world).

He had risen to the initial stage of Qi Foundation; he was considered gifted. many members or guards of the clan.They are almost thirty years old already but they were only at the same level as him. cultivation was hard very hard if you was not talent you will stuck there for all of your life

It was too bad Chen Ming would never knew how difficult the breakthrough was. because he has the system to help him

but if somehow he didn’t have the system what will happen to him the answer was

He will still become powerful but slower

He could do everything that system give him in primitive way practice until his body break and rebuild it over again and again

He never afraid of hard work never care what others people think

But hey god give him the system so Meh he going to use is a tool after all

Chen Ming looked at Chen Nan before speaking.

“It's the time we should begin. longer than this, the audience will be bored to death they had already yawned and started to sleep. I might as well go first.”

the early bird catches the worm Chen Ming will be at advantage

He used Sky walking technique to move forward 

He will face his opponent with agility

“What technique is that? Why is his move so fast? and that energy...that energy around his body! Isn’t that the peak of the Qi Foundation Stage!”

“What! a Peak Qi Foundation Stage… How is that possible? It was only a few days ago that the young master returned to the clan, at that time he didn't even unlock his meridian. He didn’t have even an ounce of Qi in his dantian . It hasn't even been a week to say that the young master is already at the peak level of the Qi Foundation Stage!”

People were surprised. This is difficult to believe. Because no one in history had ever been able to reach the Qi Foundation Stage this quickly. not to mention the peak of the stage at that!

“You don't believe it? It's your business. But looking at the current of energy, It is that of the Peak for sure. You are at the initial stage. There's no way you can feel this power, hmm."

People started arguing. Chen Ming's single step caused the people to be in turmoil Especially with Chen Nan and Chen Kongye.

“Why is this guy getting strong so fast it was just three days he didn’t have Qi?! No, if I let this guy go now he will get stronger and stronger. The Chen Clan Patriarch will surely slip out of my hands again.”

Chen Kongye began to think that he should deal with Chen Ming as soon as possible. He looked at Chen Kongnan. Chen Kongnan now had a look of joy on his face.

His son was not worthless anymore!

“Hmph, don't think that if you use speed you will be able to defeat me. Take this, Shadow Splitting Sword!”

Chen Nan also had a high level martial technique. But no matter how high it was, it was only at the Qi Foundation Stage. The Shadow Splitting Sword was a martial art that would cause the user's sword to split apart, to confuse the enemy. The sword would attack from many directions. But only one sword was real.

Chen Ming looked at the sword that was directed towards him. He could feel the danger. He hurriedly jumped backwards.

“Fighting with someone who uses a weapon with bare hands is no good. Even if I have a steel like body.”

Chen Ming after retreating He was trying to find a weak point of the Shadow Splitting Sword technique.

“There must be a weakness somewhere.”

Chen Nan, seeing that Chen Ming was looking for the weakness of his technique, rushed forward and attacked to distract Chen Ming.

He used The Shadow Splitting Sword to attack Chen Ming again. Chen Ming easily dodges. He was much faster than Chen Nan. Chen Nan had only the Shadow Splitting Sword technique he was proud of. The other techniques he had were considered low-level techniques that weren't worth mentioning.

Chen Ming, after dodging for a while, he was already able to notice the weakness of the technique. What was the weak point of the Shadow Splitting Sword? Its weak point is simple. Its weak point is the shadow itself.

“The Intangible Sword is a sword without shadows.”

Chen Ming smiled before lunging at Chen Nan.

“Die you worthless!”

"COURTING DEATH! Ah, at last I can say the phrase I want to say!"

Chen Ming let the sword pass through him. Before using the Meridian Destroying Palm martial technique, Chen Ming's palm flashed an orange light before it landed on Chen Nan's abdomen.


Chen Nan's abdomen was heavily injured!!. The attack power of the Meridian Destroying Palm was extraordinary. After Chen Ming had attacked Chen Nan's abdomen, the orange light in Chen Ming's hand spread throughout his entire body. The various meridians within Chen Nan's body were damaged.

Chen Nan could only use two-fourths of his own profound energy now.

“The Meridian Destroying Palm!, this is not true, even Grand Elder. Chen Yijing still failed to learn it. But Chen Ming...”

One of the elders spoke up. He couldn't believe it. In this tournament, They already knew who was going to lose and who was going to win. Chen Kongye saw that he couldn't risk causing Chen Nan to get hurt any more stood up and roar

"Stop! This Duel is over!.”

Chen Kongye descended into the courtyard. He jumped in front of Chen Nan who wanted to continue attacking Chen Ming with such a physical state.

“Stop it, you have lost.”

“No, I am not gonna lose!, I will never lose to this trash!.”

"trash? If I'm a trash, then what are you?”

Chen Ming didn't think his attack would be this strong, one palm destroyed the flow of the pulse.

“Chen… Ming…!”

"That's my name, nice to meet you."

Chen Ming then looked at Chen Kongnan. Before bowing his head and walking out of the arena 

nobody said anything everything happen so fast in the blink of an eye

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