Chapter 12 I will never hurt my sister

Chen Ming, after dealing with Chen Nan, did not wait for the announcement of who was the loser and who was the winner. Chen Ming was feeling really good right now. How long has it been? that he didn't feel this good

“Unfortunately, the other party didn't get it.”

Chen Ming sighed. He returned to his residence. On the way back to his place Xiao Wen was waiting for him.

“Young Master, it was a wonderful fight.”

Xiaowen spoke with sparkling eyes. Chen Ming only let out a dry laugh.

“It's not that much. Just having a martial technique that is a little better than him that’s all”

Chen Ming said humbly. Xiaowen shook her head. 

The battle was very eye-opening. 

She knew that the martial technique Chen Ming used to fight against Chen Nan was very powerful. She did not know what martial technique Chen Ming used. 

But for martial arts to be able to show the light It had to be a martial art from the Qi Gathering Stage at the very least. Therefore, the martial technique Chen Ming used was definitely not in the Qi Foundation Stage

And not only his offence technique His movement technique as well must be at the same stage.

Only the strong will be accepted in this world. Xiao Wen herself did not escape from this perspective of life. She also respected the strong.

Chen Ming, the fact that he was able to defeat Chen Nan, who was known as a prodigy of this generation, and only use a few days of training. causing Xiao Wen to look at him in a new light. along with the gentle attitude he had shown over the past few days. He now in Xiao Wen's eyes was no longer a worthless or a pervert young master. 

He is now a young master worthy of respect. and...A brother she is proud of

Chen Ming saw that Xiaowen looked at him with a change in her eyes. He was overjoyed.

“Sister, it seems that you don't hate me anymore, right?”

Chen Ming said happily. 

Xiao Wen blushed slightly as he called her sister and she shook her head before speaking.

“Xiao Wen must apologize to the Young Master. Xiao Wen knows well. that Xiao Wen's past actions might make the young master feel uncomfortable. If the Young Master wanted to punish Xiao Wen, Xiao Wen would be happy to accept the punishment.”

Chen Ming heard that and immediately shook his head and refused.

“Don’t say something like that, Sis... It was not you that did something wrong. It was me... You are my first friend...and Sister. I mean, you were the first one I had talked to after coming back from the forest. Mother and Father don’t count. I will never hurt my sister.”

Xiao Wen saw how serious Chen Ming was with his words. She was moved and just nodded. She wanted to refuse his kindness. 

Even She was adopted in the eyes of other people she was just a commer. How can she be his friend and sister? But when she looked at Chen Ming's gentle face, She couldn't refuse.

“Well, today I’m in a good mood. I want to have some fun instead of going back home. Could you please tell me where I should go? of course not the old place the Old Ming would go”

talk about fun places Xiao Wen couldn't figure out. To speak for the old Chen Ming, he would definitely take his friends to the brothel for sure. But for Xiao Wen, there would be no way to take her young master to the brothel. There is absolutely no way.

Chen Ming saw the conflict in Xiao Wen's eyes, he could understand. He quickly spoke up before the matter began to escalate.

“How about this? Why don't we go for a walk around the city? As I was on the carriage on my way back from the forest I saw all the interesting places in the city. Why don't we just go for a walk and relax?”

Xiao Wen heard that Chen Ming only wanted to walk around the city and let out a sigh of relief. She didn't want to take him to a place like that. Even if she had to die, she wouldn't go

Chen Ming after that took Xiao Wen to his mother to ask for money now he was so poor that he didn’t even have a single coin in his body

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