Chapter 561 Lovely girlfriends and Meeting Erlang Shen

Chen Ming after being welcomed home by all his lovers. Xie Lin had something to discuss with him.

Morgan was now well received by all Chen Ming's lovers.

“So your name is Morgan. I never thought that I would actually meet the real one. You are even more beautiful than I thought.”

Tang Huayin spoke up. while looking at Morgan with a satisfied expression

Morgan looked at Tang Huayin in suspicion. She seemed to know her better than anyone else.

“What do you mean? Did you know me before?”

“Hmm, you can say that. Look here.”

Tang Huayin took out the tablet before handing it over to her. Morgan has some knowledge of technology. She opened it and looked at what Tang Huayin had given her.

“Is this me?”

Morgan couldn't believe herself. However, she and the one Tang Huayin showed her were completely different. Not just her, but Arthur as well.

“I'm glad you're not like in the movie. As you can see, you are much prettier than her. And it seems you are stronger too.”

Morgan nodded. After sleeping
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