Chapter 563 Spend time with Chang'er

Chen Ming had already set up the formation.

He hadn't activated the Formation at this time. Because the people he had brought with him hadn't finished building their own homes yet.

He might need to expand the size of the Formation since the area of ​​the village wasn't enough for this number of people.

As for the method of expanding the formation, just Chen Ming focused his mind on the formation. It will expand its size on its own.

It was very convenient for Chen Ming.

Chen Ming then looked at a large building that appeared within the village. This is the Training Center. Chen Ming designed it to resemble Yang Liqing's Training Center at the Yang Clan Village.

Inside the Training Center was filled with formations and capsules created by Ao Ertian and Enrica.

Of course, there are still many unfinished capsules. As for the finished capsules now, many people are using them.

Everyone wants to be stronger. In the world above, only the strong can have a voice.

Chen Ming after watching t
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