Chapter 564 Fill her with Yang, Kim Mintae is bored

Chen Ming stuffed his dragon into Chang'er.

“Aaaaa! Thank you, Master!”

Chang'er even leaned back. She took Chen Ming's dragon into her body.

Chen Ming didn't hesitate to begin the process of producing his yang to immediately send it into Chang'er's body.

"I need more! Master. Please! Do me harder!"

Chen Ming smiled. It seemed that he didn't need to worry about hurting Chang'er so much.

She seemed to like it.

Chen Ming began to move in and out of her with his dragon harder and harder.

Chang'er could feel the Yang energy entering her body. filled the emptiness within her body

“Chang'er, I will release my Yang. You take. Take it all!”

Chen Ming had now reached his peak.

The yang he had gathered was extraordinary. It's full of vitality.

“Master! Chang'er will take it all in!~”

Chen Ming once received the signal. He immediately released his Yang into Chang'er's body.

Chang'er hugged Chen Ming tightly. She tried to use her body to drink all of Chen Ming's Yang.

“It felt so good~, I felt
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