Chapter 565 The end of the journey.

A month passed quickly. However, within Dragon City, more than ten months had passed.

Within ten months, a lot had changed.

One of them is Chen Ming's Empire Building Mission He has successfully done it.

Chen Ming's mission was successful. with all of his lovers successfully rising to the True Essence Realm. Not just Chen Ming's group. But Kim Mintae and Ao Ertian's group as well. Everyone had risen to the level of the True Essence Realm.

As for why everyone in Chen Ming's group, Kim Mintae and Ao Ertian had risen to the True Essence Realm even though they were only at the Destruction Realm before.

It's all because of Morgan...


“Hmm, no… not like this. What exactly am I missing?”

Morgan was now sitting in her own research room that Chen Ming had created for her. She tried to figure out what was wrong with her.

She thought harder than she could.

“What is missing is my brain is not good enough.”

Morgan sighed. No matter how high her power level, her brain function was still not enou
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