Chapter 626 Blue Ocean City

Chen Ming now needed someone to guide him to Blue Ocean City. He knows which direction to go. But he didn't know if after leaving the land area he would be lost.

In the sea there are many dimensional rifts. If he's not careful, There may be an event like before. where he got lost in a dimensional rift and appeared somewhere unknown

His target now was Mu Zhang. A former member of the Low Level Merchant Guild, now had a General City Effect status of Dragon City. He was the only person who could lead him to Blue Sea City.

Mu Jang, after Hyun Guk and Dae Pyung's word that the two will be watching over and taking care of Mu Jang during his probation period. This was considered the lightest punishment. If it was another city, there would be people who thought badly. They would have been killed right there and right away.

Fortunately, Dragon City's domination system was rather poor in some respects. Make Mu Zhang free and on probation. The punishment was the same as that of a quarrel.

Mu Zha
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