Chapter 627 Fluffy

Chen Ming, Mu Zhang, along with Dragon siblings, arrived at the port in no time. The port was now much more developed than Chen Ming thought. A small port now has a very high probability of becoming a port city.

Fishing is going well. Sea monsters that were caught from the sea had a very high selling price. Chen Ming would not be surprised if this port would soon become a port city. like his dragon city

Chen Ming and his group arrived at the port. It seems that his siblings are hungry for snacks. Chen Ming took out a handful of snacks before handing them over to his younger siblings.

His dragon children ate a lot of snacks. However, Chen Ming did not need to worry about the health of the younger siblings. Because dragons have a very high metabolic system. Kim Mintae used to say that one day a dragon needs up to tens of millions of calories a day. If you hit the amount of meat One dragon eats up to tons of meat. And that was an ordinary dragon that Kim Mintae had encountered in his wor
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