Chapter 628 Nie Li

A gigantic ship slowly moored at one of the harbors of the Blue Sea City.

This port is very large. Can park large ships that can be used to deliver goods or send ten dances of merchants and nobles. But seeing this gigantic ship, just one dance would almost take up the space.

Everyone in the city could clearly see this ship. In addition to the large size of the ship, it also has an unfamiliar design.

Even though its appearance is strange. But it's not bad. In fact, many people like its appearance. They now made their way to the port where this enormous ship was docked.

This city was filled with families of merchants and nobles. Of course, they were the ones with more money than they could spend in their entire lives.

“The ship is beautiful and has an unusual design. I want it, send someone to buy it!”

“If we get a boat of that size, the delivery will have to be faster, thereby increasing the chances of selling. No matter what, we must get that ship!”

“That ship must be mine. There was
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