Chapter 629 Doing business

Chen Ming looked towards the direction behind him before shaking his head.

He could feel his soul guard being released. And they look like they're having fun.

“Hmph, why are our spirit guards having such a weird play? And who is being beaten up?”

practise? Yes, Young Master Nie Li wanted to use the ship's formation to cultivate himself. But his level seems to be too low. Those spirit guards weren't serious about his…cultivation.

Chen Ming could only shook his head. The Spirit Guard was only a second level formation. If he could go through the second floor, there would still be the third floor, fourth floor, until reaching the ninth floor.

The ninth layer, only Dao Origin realm can pass. But even so, it wasn't that they could pass easily.

Chen Ming stopped paying attention to his ship at this time and turned to his younger siblings who were chasing in the large garden. Long Zhiyun and Ye Ying'er also went to play with them.

'Another day full of peace'

This peace is only the strongest c
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